Thursday , July 7 2022

"Mr Brieva's application is an attempt to justice"


Relatives of the Tragedia once rejected the statements of Dady Brieva, who had asked for the return of Cristina and De Vido.

Dady Brieva, on the allegations of corruption towards Cristina:

Days ago during the comedian's interview Dady Brieva President Mauricio Macri queried and was in favor of returning former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

At the same time, Dady Brieva claiming the ex-official release of Julio De Vido, who has been among other cases guilty Disaster Once. Sincerely, victims' relatives were questioned Brieva about this statement.

"Given the sayings Dady Brieva in a radio place in relation to returning to power with a political project that leaves Julio De Vido free of charge, relatives and friends of victims and those who are injured Disaster Once we express our most active refusal"María Luján Menghini Rey and Radio Miter were declared.

The wife, one of the victims' relatives Disaster OnceHe also elaborated: "We also have to remind that, although De Vido is being held in Marcos Paz for another reason, he is under a sentence given by the Federal Oral Court 4 for the fraudulent administration against State property that caused death 52 Dummy Once"

Source: Pablo Rossi.

Dady Brieva was accused of being a pedophil for the episode of Agrandadytos

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