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More revelations from Víctor Manzanares: the Kirchners were going to buy a hotel in Ushuaia – 02/21/2019


Víctor Manzanares came to an end on Thursday with the hearing with Judge Claudio Bonadio, who will analyze in the next few days if he / she agrees his agreement of cooperation and, therefore, He has been accused as a colleague in the case of bribery notes. After three cases with Carlos Stornelli financial, more detail about his extensive capacity was known After decades of protecting the number of Kirchner family.

Víctor Manzanares, accountant of Néstor and Cristina Kirchner. Photo: Walter Díaz / Télam)

Víctor Manzanares, accountant of Néstor and Cristina Kirchner. Photo: Walter Díaz / Télam)

He said that one of the old presidents' hotels had been registered with them Buying value is much lower than true and meetings to have a hotel in Ushuaia for 500,000 dollars and another for 17,000,000 dollars, after meeting at Olivos. He mentioned a proposal to be the mayor of Río Gallegos and what percentage of money was requested.

Former accountant of Kirchner family he can not still hold an accused colleague by Judge Claudio Bonadio. He collected over 27 hours of confession, together with the lawyers of Alejandro Baldini and Roberto Herrera. This Thursday he had an audience with the magistrate and he had to answer many "dot dot" questions that left his son in court.

The next hours will be determined by pre-accountant Cristina Kirchner detained in a secret home after entering the program of protected witnesses.

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When rebuilding his statements before the prosecution, Manzanares told some details about the acquisition of real estate by Néstor and Cristina Kirchner. Then he referred to it Village of El Chaltén That was bought by the company Los Sauces SA (the real estate of the old presidents who were the main tenants of Cristóbal López a Lázaro Báez).

That purchase, as Clarin could be known and something specified in the file directed by prosecutor Carlos Rívolo together with Judge Bonadio in the context of Los Sauces, La Aldea – a small mountain hotel – is his be done for lower value.

Manzanares was responsible for incorporating the new hotel to calculate the real estate. The thinker Luis Gugino was one of the ones responsible for the surgery. There, according to the statements of the accountant, he fought with Osvaldo Sanfelice: the architect complained that the Máximo Kirchner partner had stolen 200,000 dollars.

The truth is, according to their statements, the surgery to acquire La Aldea I've done for $ 120,000 but its actual purchase value was $ 1,200,000.

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There was more. In addition to the Alto Calafate hotel which cost almost $ 5 million, Las Dunas around US $ 700,000 and La Aladea, in 2010 and possibly as a result of taking part in the accounting expertise that allowed to # 39; Judge Norberto Oyarbide dismissed Kirchner in the case for enrichment – receipts and former accountant – the former President quoted him in the villa at Olivos and according to Manzanares, he told him he wanted to buy another hotel but the outside Santa Cruz.

According to official sources, Clarin confirmed that this is the 1810 hotel in Ushuaia and an investment to be $ 500,000. He tells me he was going to buy Hotel 1810, which cost $ 500,000. But also the old President – always according to the accountant's secrecy – told us he wanted to have a Las Hayas hotel in the same city for $ 17 million.

Missed pledge Manzanares would be responsible for managing those two hotels and they were going to pay 40,000 dollars a month for him. The condition? he had to control Sanfelice who had already bought the Waldorf hotel in the Federal Capital. If I did this work well, there was a bigger prize: also managing the guest in El Calafate.

As a result, there was a meeting in Ushuaia that made on Sanfelice in a Lazaro Báez aircraft and there he met Julio Del Val and did not wish to take any sign to guarantee the operation. And then they went to visit the other hotel, Las Hayas. Both of these purchases did not apply because Néstor Kirchner had died a few months later.

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The political race was another outstanding pledge for Manzanares. He said that Sanfelice and Rudy Ulloa (former Kirchners driver) in 2010 offered him – identified by the former President – to be the mayor of Río Gallegos. Each had a condition: it had to achieve two-thirds of "discussed" that could be made of the situation. His name has never sounded in the capital of Santa Cruz.

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