Sunday , April 11 2021

Mora, from losing the final in 2015 was the chance to be against Boca

The Uruguayan Uruguay left without the definition to draw in the first leg against Tigres. Now, three years later, he has a chance to start against Xeneize because of Borré and Scocco's absence.

Monterrey, July 29, 2015. Tigres and Afon joined 0-0 and some Marcelo Gallardo returned to Argentina with a good result facing the return, a week later at the Monumental. But everything was not good news since then Rodrigo Mora had ripped the left coat and he was deprived of being at court in the 3-0 that he was dedicated to the Millionaire in the Libertadores Cup.

That rainy night in Núñez was replaced by some Fernando Cavenaghi, who retired through the big door. However, now The story could provide a regeneration for Uruguay, which has opportunities to be started in the definition of Saturday against Boca after stopping Rafael Santos Borré by collecting yellow cards and the injury left by Ignacio Scocco without chance.

Much water came under the bridge for Mora. First, he was about to go to Arab Al-Nassr, but he fell to pass. Then something became more serious and unexpected: in May 2017, Necrosis in his right thigh was about to force him to retire from professional football, but managed to recover and return to the turf earlier this year.

Of course, to play, the first chance of the racing would not play a final against Boca, as he was the Supercopa who won the 2-0 River everlasting competitor in Mendoza, on March 14 But the Libertadores have a huge value higher than that crown.

If Gallardo chooses to play with a companion to Lucas Pratto in the offensive, Mora and all the numbers to become that man. Like the fans, Uruguay could have the opportunity of life after having a very bad time. Is the dialing dreaming?

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