Monday , October 3 2022

Millonaria condemns Lionel Messi father-in-law for labor misuse


José Roccuzzo, father-in-law Lionel Messi, He was found guilty of labor harassment and he has to pay 2 million pesos to a former employee of one of the businesses. The presentation by "labor abuse and harassment" I've been done before the the labor judge Susana Perkins, which took into account in his determination of the years women worked.

Complainant's lawyer, Bernardo Larroux, although the fine in these cases exceeds 30,000 pesos, he reached the 2 million pesos for the 20 years where the wife served as one of the supermarkets or dad Antonela Roccuzzo.

"A series of events decided that the employee was given by farewell, with facts from the employer tended to disagree with changes in timescales and abuse to force resignation. They did not give him homework, only the loop tended to wear out, feel out and leave without having to throw it out ", Larroux in dialogue with All Passions.

Similarly, José Roccuzzo's lawyers said the complainant had taken advantage of their relationship with Antonela, wife of Lionel Messi, to "get economic advantage". Daniel Botello announced that the measurement already are appealing and he called him "unfair and tire arbitrary".

"The plaintiff is based on the relationship of one of the company's owners with Lionel Messi who took advantage of this situation to give this issue a public image. Certainly if the company belonged to Juan Pérez, it would not have had so much impact, "Botello explained in a conversation with LT8 or Rosario.

"The change of task available for the employee's benefit, with fewer hours, keeping the same charge, joining a task of responsibility that had to play next to one of the company's owners," he added.

José Roccuzzo owns a retail supermarket and other wholesaler in the western area of ​​Rosario, as well as owning a distributor of sweets and cookies.

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