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Miguel Pichetto warns: "If Alternative Alternative comes together with Cristina Kirchner, I'll leave" – ​​02/04/2019

Senator Miguel Angel Pichetto said Monday that Alternativa Federal was a "completely discriminatory" Civic Unit Cristina Kirchner, so he warned that, if that space decided to meet previously with the former president and & Senator, he would not have "No problem" when leaving.

Pichetto thought there was no possibility of a meeting of both "and warned" places: "If that happens, I'll leave because I'm not interested. We said that from the first minute, that's what we call. "

"I leave, I do not have a problem", The senator insisted on radio statements The Network.

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Pichetto confirmed "Federal Alternative was born of this difference"who gave an example of the situation of the two sectors on the situation in Venezuela" where we believe there is an ascending dictator, which has to stop and on the other side there is a certain sympathy with Maduro's sake ".

"There is a completely different construction of Union Citizenship"Requires by repeating the" structural differences with Cristina Kirchner "and that" there is a large percentage of people who do not want to vote for Mauricio Macri or Cristina ".

Pichetto noted a clear difference with Massa about possible delivery with Cristina Kirchner.

Pichetto noted a clear difference with Massa about possible delivery with Cristina Kirchner.

Pichetto will be taking part this afternoon in the city of Mar del Plata of a Federal Alternative action with Massa, the governor of Cordoba, Juan Schiaretti, and the directors of Justicialism, which will constitute the first formal Federal Federal Federal Fiscal Act this year. national elections

"We believe we have to leave the past and show a new option for Argentines", He pointed out to Rio Negro's parliament criticizing" that the (economic) variables are not outside control and there is a lack of whole understanding (the Government) about the resistance of the people ".

He also reiterated his intention to stand as a presidential candidate for the Federal Alternative, saying he was traveling to the country and has "political will and some missing ideas in Argentina"

"That's why our challenge is to build a serious program, to recover employment, go out of the scheme, combining poverty business and the development plan offer," said Pichetto.

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