Sunday , August 14 2022

Microsoft could present its new consoles in E3 2019



It's just under four months to go E3 2019, but information about what we see at the most important event of the year is already beginning to flow, especially with quotes and theories of experts. That is now mentioned Microsoft ready to disclose details of his next generation of hardware during his June conference.

As it happened with an announcement Xbox An X and that was presented as the first Scorpio Project during a E3This would be the strategy that they would repeat this year when it was announced that they were already working on not one, but two consoles. For several weeks, they are said to include key names Lockhart a Anaconda. There are even technical specifications that you can see here. One would be a high end and the other would be more simple and without a disk player.

According to the notices, they would not reveal prices again, as they would aim to be launched in the 2020 fall and one of their next launch titles Halo Amhenodol.

What we are sure about is that they will talk at their conference about their titles in development, such as Gears 5 and possible news from the titles of studies that are already part of their unique partners.

All in all, adds to the rumors about his "great cooperation" with Nintendo, suggests that it will be a fascinating year for fans Xbox.

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