Wednesday , January 27 2021

Microsoft adds another function to new searches in Windows 10 April 2019

In fact, Microsoft is currently underway with the development of the second feature update that it intends to launch later this year 19H2 or predictable October 2019 Update o Windows 10. That is why the company is currently complete details of the new version of the system that will be released in a few weeks.

Well, it's among the most significant news that comes to this New windows 10, many have highlighted the separation, finally, from search functions and the assistant Cortana, as we said to you a few days ago. However, in the latest trial version the company has sent to Insiders a few hours ago, it was possible to see a new function for this renewal and independently search function of the system that, in fact, makes a lot of sense.

Windows 10 searches will add some "recommended" applications

In this way, in the new 1903 version o & # 39; r operating system, y users They get a list of the applications that they use most on their computer, at the top of the search results when doing one of these, which does not make a lot of sense, is in the way.

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In particular, these applications are displayed when users open the results of a new search that was held, it's probably, so that they can be launched immediately.

But of course, in most cases they are similar searches by & nbsp; integrated function From Windows 10, they do not have anything to do with the apps that will appear in them screen as "recommended", so in fact, its appearance is no more than nuisance. To this we have to add that these are to be seen at the top of the results of the search, so the amount of these that can be seen at the same time is reduced.

On the other hand, sometimes users can focus their attention on these apps and not in the results as such, so they are an element of drawing attention, when what you really want is to achieve and homework very different In fact you're pretty likely to be apps have been cataloged as "the most used", already included in the taskbar for faster access to them, or from the same desktop; even if they are already open, so, again, their sudden appearance when making a search does not make any sense.

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