Monday , November 30 2020

Micaela de Luján completed the court of harvest that will go to the national crown

And now, What is the 2019 National Harvest Party! With a round Micaela Vissani (22, Mayor of Drummond's candidate) like Queen Luján, to the end of the last night, the departmental calendar of the forecasts. And with all the defined sovereigns, the table already has to present so that the Saturday, March 9 Mendoza crown your new national queen.

For the first time, not a section that is not City of Mendoza was responsible for closing divisional celebrations, a "Land of Enamored" (directed by Omar Scales to Pedro Marabini) Here's the chosen platform for Luján party.

José Gutiérrez / Los Andes

The law was in line with the second night of the Feriagro (on property De Access to Quintana), which began on Friday and will expire today.

José Gutiérrez / Los Andes

Micaela to Quimey Well (18, Ugarteche) is a queen and queen with 24 and 19 votes, respectively with the electronic single voting system.

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Minutes before the 22:30 the 15 class candidates were introduced, and just ten, with punctuality in England, the party began.

For an hour and a half, more than 200 artists (most of the Urban Art School) gives life to the party; Like more than 40 musicians who performed live with a repertoire that included The Traviata hyd at "Health, money and love," o Los Rodríguez.

With texts and voice by the author and comedian Jorge Sosa, the work was a love of love between the two accompanists: Luján (who is at the same time as a woman and place) and tourists who visited the province to know her beauty. In passing the winner's section, the tourists met the girl and during the deed she fell in love with her.

José Gutiérrez / Los Andes

At the same time, Luján showed his love of love all his treasures (bodegas, Malbec, night Chacras de Coria, the impressive landscapes of Potrerillos and the legends and culture of that land).

Each included music that varied according to the scenario and situation, and that its peak with a rock version of it "Autumn is not the same thing in Mendoza."

Lujanina did not miss the perceptions and tributes to the musician and movie maker Leonardo Favio of the artist Fernando Fader and her work; as well as the Bolivian community Ugarteche. On stage, with an outstanding exhibition, this artistic and cultural celebration was represented when the story was running area to the south of Luján.

José Gutiérrez / Los Andes

Among the seconds, the most approved by the public was the homage to the veterans The Falklands War (with constant and emotional approval by the audience), dedication to Aberystwyth Virgin of the Carrodilla to the end of the law.

José Gutiérrez / Los Andes

Following the successbook of anyone Harvest Festival, Escales and Marabini they leave like touching the finishing of the malambo (which even triggers the toughest man) and bright pyrotechnic broadcast.

"The Last Harvest As a mayor, he finds me with a mix of sadness and satisfaction. Satisfaction for the duty carried out, for the work done. 3 years ago we saw Luján and we will now see another ", The The mayor, Omar De Marchi, has indicated through a balance sheet. "I congratulate the Lujaninos, because it's something that's being carried deep in. The same thing is true about Mendoza, it's a place beautiful, "he said.

José Gutiérrez / Los Andes

Election successor Melina Soledad Pérez I was held during the first minutes of Sunday. After the departmental party, closing the second night of the Feriagro was responsible for Antawara.

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