Thursday , June 30 2022

Mexico: TotalPlay includes advertising to share to pay TV service


In this way, TotalPlay is converted from March 2019 to the first operator worldwide to incorporate advertising to share its linear service through technology Google Ad Manager.

Eduardo Kuri, CEO of TotalPlay, told Expansion that "the announcement with Google is that we can now replace a commercial line advertisement – in a football game, for example – one that has adapted to you. Google tech of the Google Ad Manager name that enables us to insert dynamic TV ads based on the use of every home's television usage, anonymously, so that the advertising content applies to you.

Starting with Google Ad Manager, which is already being implemented in the test step mode, since March next year, TotalPlay estimates that 700,000 subscribers of 1.2 million companies will be able to count on this function, n aim to improve & user experience

Whether through a tool, commercial advertisements of 20 or 30 seconds are replaced by advertising that matches the interests of TotalPlay users, based on usage habits, payment method, location, among others.

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