Saturday , November 28 2020

Metro Exodus has finished! And they have also solved their date of departure


In general, it is also too strange to find out about games that, rather than postponing their release date, promote them to welcome all their supporters. This is the case Exodus Metro confirmed today leaves faster than expected.

The reason why Exodus Metro It has been developed because it has already entered the Aur period, which means that it has already come to the conclusion of its development. Now and instead of selling on February 22, the title will be released on February 15, 2019.

In order to commemorate the announcement of its departure date and the conclusion of the development, the creators released the cinematic start of the game. Here we share it with you so you can see it:

Developed by 4A Games, has been distributed by Arian Deep and inspired by a novel Metro 2035 o the author Dmitry Glukhovsky, Exodus Metro There will be versions for PS4, Xbox One, to PC.

Source: Deep Money

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