Friday , November 27 2020

Mery del Cerro admitted that she was sexually abused at age 11: "After 22 years, I decided to tell them here, my mum does not know"

Having mentioned Thelma Fardin to Juan Darthés, the participant was encouraged to tell her awful experience.

Mery del Cerro admitted she was sexually abused at age 11

His performance in the cha cha pop did not meet the expectations of the jury. But the pain that fits Mery del Cerro i track 2018 dancing It was not because of that. That difficulty that filled the participant's heart has been marked by fire for many years. And in his last gala, he shared with the audience.

"I'm going to encourage you to talk about something that does not even know Make MazzeiHe does not even know Carlita Lanzi. It was a very difficult two days for me because of everything that happened with Thelma. I can not believe talking on this on TV, but I feel that I have to do it as a communicator. After what happened with Thelma, yesterday morning, we started talking about the subject with Meme. Now I can say and my coach and dancer will understand why I was so deteriorating, "he began, after last Tuesday. Thelma Fardin informs publicly about abuse and rape Juan Darthés when I was 16 years old

"I went to practice and sent a message to Meme, I told her I wanted to tell her something after 9 years of being together. Yesterday, after 22 years, I decided to tell Meme that I had been sexually abused at 11. He was abusive and was groping, and of two different people. But he did not rape. And no-one knows, no mom than dad. All of them are all learning at the moment. I chatted with a lot Meme (her boyfriend and her daughter's dad) and I could not let her go for it two days when I can not give her the best to think about it. This is very strong for me. Meme sponsored and supported, that's why he's here too. And she is the only person who knew her so far, "she added, and moved to tears.

"Yesterday, after 22 years, I urged myself to tell Meme that I had been sexually abused at age 11. It was abusive and groped, and two different people, but It was not a crime, my mother, not my dad. "

He then emphasized the importance of publicizing these unnecessary facts: "It seems to me that I am responsible for being able to talk to all the women on the other side, who are mothers, who have little children. And while I was a re-contracted girl, it happened to me. And it can happen to any woman. It's time to say so it will never happen again. "

In the midst of excitement and jurors, the driver, the dancers and those who are present, Florence Peña He took the word: "Mery, we are also here for you, and this happens so strong for us all, that is, we feel we can not encourage them to say things that we did not encourage from & First, because we're feeling together. No one will ever believe us, we banked you to death and we thank you very much because there are many of women who do not still dare to talk. This will help you to improve yourself and all the girls who watch you"

"It seems to me that I am responsible for being able to talk to all the women on the other side, that they are mothers, they have little children, and even I'm a girl who was cared for, it happened to me . "

Finally, your partner – who was present and with who has a daughter Mila, 3, was very proud of a woman: "Yes, when this happened, Maria told me, I do not want to talk about this because my dad or my mother does not know me and I & # 39; I thought I was going to be the threat of my life. After 22 years it happened, he was encouraged to say because of that fear, it was two very hard days and yesterday, we Speaking and slipping and praying, I told us about releasing himself and letting him go. I think it's really brave. I admire you and I'll congratulate you", Meme also closed to tear.

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