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Meningitis revealed a lack of vaccines

Griselda Acuña

Gan Griselda Acuña [email protected]

He recorded a case of meningitis recorded in Samic Eldorado
alarm in the community, especially in the northern area of ​​Misiones, which he gave
instead of regular consultation on vaccine availability
in the Primary Health Care Centers (Caps) as well as
in hospitals. The response was not very encouraging: the Nation is not compliant
with sending doses, which led to a loss in the
The situation is seriously of the opinion that meningitis can
bring a disability or even a fatal result. Yes
inflammation of mening, the protective membranes that are
brain. Sincerely because of the complexity of pathology, since 2015
Argentina incorporated immunization to the National Vaccine Calendar
Against the bacteria that cause the disease, known as meningococcus.
"Only in February 2019 was the distribution of the
vaccines against meningitis, "El Territorio confirmed
Ministry of Public Health of the province. Although last August,
Nation decided to stop the consolidation in 11-year-old boys who wished that
yes it would be relevant in babies from three to fifteen months.
A reality is far from the initial commitment. In San Pedro, for example,
Up to two weeks ago there were no vaccines in the area hospital and during
The last couple of days came a bit.
Currently, official sources indicate that they have doses
minimum and are not aware of the reason for the delay
Ministry of Health conducted by Adolfo Rubinstein. Another data it is
He agreed that this is today that the truck would arrive to Misiones
There is a specific stock, however – they admit – it does not arrive
meet the demand of the population. "Once the vaccines arrive,
is redistributed to the main vaccinated centers that have located
in hospitals and different municipalities, not in the Caps ",
they pointed
The creature that proved to be positive for Neisseria meningitidis (meningococcus)
She is two months old and she is admitted to hospital in Eldorado
He has two months
Patient studies, provided by medical sources,
They said they had a type B meningococcus gene (considered the most serious), whose
stress has not included in the vaccine for free. And calendar
The Argentine officer, in fact, only defends against four of the five
serotypes (A, C, W, Y) that contain the bacteria. However, pharmacies
get the Bexsero vaccine, to assault menocococcus men type B, which
It has a cost of 2,800 pesos.

Other failure of the Nation

The lack of vaccines against meningitis represents another failure in the
health system at a national level. A few months ago, at the meeting of the
Federal Health Council (Cuisine), Nation has ordered an uncommon order
eliminate the reinforcement of meningitis among 11 year olds
The measure responds to a directive objected by the provinces.
Only in Misiones it is estimated that between 22 and 25,000 children will be left
State health minister Walter Villalba said
Once the national government's decision was announced: "Yes
he decided to suspend the second class, which would go to 11 years, which would eliminate
the carrier status in the minor; this is part of the cuts. "And
Health adjustment was consistent this year, be it
Community Medical Program or deduction of the Give-up scheme.
The vaccine, from the Menveo commercial name, went to the calendar last year
national, with a mandatory and free sign for two groups: babies a
of three months (up to sixteen are given three doses) and
under 11 years old. Although it is an option with less negative impact
context of spending cuts, talk about a health context
extremely complex
"Everything that makes the vaccination plans is complicated. Do not stop
immune disease increases the risks of contracting
disease. "


Babies: Although in August, the Nation finally stopped the reinforcement for
children aged 11, have guaranteed the doses for the group of
Risk considered between 3 and 15 months.

New item two: Today's day is expected to arrive
New stock with vaccines that will only be redistributed to
main vaccination centers since Monday.

Gratuity: The vaccine was incorporated into the National Colliery of Wales
Vaccination in 2015. It's a free application and not necessarily
medical prescription


The infection caused by the bacterium Neisseria meningitidis
(meningococus) produces a very serious illness that can occur
such as meningitis, bacteraemia, sepsis and meningocochemia, with high risk
o severe and irreparable sequela, mainly neurological. Between
There are 10% and 20% of cases present hearing loss,
seizures, hydrocephalus, neurological maturing delays, acneage
of members and drunks who ask for crafts and death.
Multiple meningococcal disease (EMI) is a problem
public health to many countries in the world, where 500,000 are produced
Annual cases affecting mainly children under two (2) years
age Hospitals are required and give up to 100% of these cases
50,000 deaths per annum for this case.
In Argentina, there are between 200 and 300 cases registered annually. Rate of the
National cases are approximately 0.75 cases / 100,000 residents.
A hospital needs 100% of cases. This severe infection is
It presents a 10% death. Every year, 15 to 20 children die for this
disease. The age group that is most compromised by this pathology includes
under 5 years, mainly 12 months.

The dosage costs 3,400 pesos in pharmaciesFrom Coleg Cymru
Misiones pharmacy noted that pharmacy had the
Menactra vaccine, which has been planned for nine month children. "It's a bit
face, but he is fulfilled and he has a lot of social times ",
He held a dialogue with El Territorio Patricio Schiavo, president of the
In a tour through the Posadas site, it was possible to reveal that
the vaccine in question, for the age group that is now unprotected,
It costs 3,400 pesos.
On the other hand, to cancel the distribution of the consolidation is free of charge
against meningitis, in the private sector they have stock for the
Target population, whose dose is around 2,300 pesos. And it covers four
"In the pharmacies there are two vaccines: the Menveo, which comes out 2,300 pesos and
He has 100 per cent attention for some social work
or discounts, depending on the prepayment; and there is another for a
A different serotype, called Bexsero. That covers many serotype
more aggressive and that costs almost 2,800 pesos, "he said
Schiavo, promptly referring to the reinforcement of the vaccine.
In short, the decision to make adjustments in a calendar
Vaccination is just a blow to primary care
The Argentine Vaccination and Epidemiology Order (Arbed)
has issued a statement to express its refusal to measure
National Government "Basic prevention by vaccines
State policy that has combined in our country
which means undesirable results in prevention
illnesses, "he warned.

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