Thursday , April 15 2021

Mendoza: Cornejo restricts the re-election of maerries and PJ does not reject judicial braking

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I'm surprised by the caciques who are already planning to renew the mandate next year. The decision affects the expectations of community leaders of Peronism, Radicalism and Democrats.

In a decision that looks at the plans of the Peronism in the next year's municipal elections, the governor of Mendoza, the radical Alfredo Cornejo, signed a decree yesterday to indicate an article improvement of the Restricted Province Constitution for one consecutive period of re-election of the intentions. In the meantime, the PJ analyzes the actions that they follow today and do not rule out a presentation before the Justice suspended the measure by "inconsistency."

"We have signed the award that publishes the amendment to article 198 of the Constitution that restricts one-year re-election mayor, an institutional center important to restrict re-elections, it's definitely a democracy and a political system, "said Cornejo. Immediately, the justicialism is different against President Mendoza Cambia. President of the provincial party, deputy national Guillermo Carmona said the decree was "unconstitutional", while expressing in the Twitter social network that the text signed by Cornejo "had all the features of conflict" by opposition to Peronism "to & # 39, the new excuse debt ", in relation to the obstacle that the PJ made in the legislature to re-fund the 2019 maturity that the party asked to determine in the Budget (and they will trying to redistribute the law by law).

In particular, the 2007 re-election restriction, when a project was unanimously voted by radicalism and Peronism. However, the pleasit was held, but although the law support has 83% of votes, for the Supreme Mendoza Court only most votes are needed, but most of the total membership. That is, the participation did not reach the volume to authenticate the norm, according to the criterion's criterion. Baronely, Mendoza is one of the two provinces (the other is Santa Fe) where the governor has no chance of being re-elected even once.

In this regard, Cornejo confirmed: "When the plebiscite was voted, 83% of the votes cast were positive, the majority of the half and one of the electoral body We believe that this interpretation of the Court has many years ago "record

Today's rage will have a meeting of the provincial council, where they will define the actions that follow. Of the eight mayor who can not go next year's re-election, there are five Perons; although one, Alejandro Bermejo -of Maip-, has already indicated that he did not take part in the elections. The impact of the governing league on three intendens, two is responsible for UCR and the rest of the Democratic Party. "The peronism agreed three times on this law, that we were all in favor of restrictive re-election, we have been in opposition or functionality, but those who have to resign after complaining , "said the Financial District of provincial offices, which ensured that the low work came for a year in this decree, with many PJ intentions.

"I agree to restrict the re-election, in fact, voted for the law in 2007. But this is a dread, because it breaks the organizational framework to change the rules & # 39; The game is only a few months to present the lists, "he told media. Carmona, who was taking part in the last Saturday, led the PJ's leadership and appeared as a likely candidate for a governor.

The national deputy added that the decree was also "breaking the criterion that the Supreme Court of the province has held for decades about the validity of constitutional reforms." And he noted that the mechanism to restrict re-elections should be a constitutional reform and not a decree. The first issue to tackle PJ's advice is Cornejo's decision. The party's Jurists have analyzed this possibility and did not take them away from it. "I'm not naive and I know the participants can be distressed," said Cornejo. "Several social actors are asking for it, and the political leadership of all parties has expressed this in the province's Legislation more than once," it ended.

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