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Meditation of Gustavo Alfaro on Argentine football: "I'm embarrassing and disgusting"

Gustavo Alfaro He gave a press conference after the last Hurricane training, who prepares to receive Defense and Justice on Monday by the Superliga.

Parque Patricios badly lowered the classical deferral with San Lorenzo (he has postponed with confirmation date) and so Alejandro Nadur, the president of the organization, complained to authorities & # 39; r Superliga want not to locate the duel with Seiclon in the future.

The coach Globe has set it in the hands of the most regulated entity that regulates most of the national football, the AFA and also the Conmebol. Among their best phrases, they stood out:

· "I can see that AFA wants to destroy Argentina's national team, Superliga Argentine football, we all destroy an icon like River-Boca, we allow us to be pulled out, we can not arrange it in our country, when we were pleased to say that we are going to play the final with the two largest teams in Argentine football "

· "We're not allowed to take the classical ourselves, they're bringing us something like Argentina, as if tomorrow tell us we can not dance more tango or theaters and # 39 ; n no longer allowed at Corrientes Street ".

· "The Afon-Boca is something so valid of the fact that we can not allow it to be done in Doha, that Boca and Afon presidents have a stubbornness"

· "I do not have to put a medal with a winning competition on a desk. The ban for the pepper spray was bad, but the River had nothing to do with it. You should have played the game "

· "They headed my head (with a rock) in the Rosario Central court and, as a matter of goal, the game continued, because I said to follow it and we will do it again. They gave me 13 minutes (from time to time away), they have thrown two players to me, they scored a goal from the side and I lost, I'm the poultry that followed the game? No, because it matches "

· "As a football man, I'm embarrassed and stunned with football. We can not allow this. We are complicants because we respond to interests "

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