Wednesday , June 29 2022

Máximo Kirchner spoke about the allegations of sexual abuse in La Cámpora


Máximo Kirchner referred for the first time allegations of sexual abuse against La Cámpora leaders who met in recent days. "It can not be an oversight for peers", former son of President Cristina Kirchner said.

"We need to be better, it can not be overshadowed for military friends in a union and political organization, they should have all necessary safeguards"Maximum Kirchner assured.

Immediately, the deputy launched criticism against the media: "That those who are not commercial women do not come to us to run with the morality and ethics pod".

"Political, social, cultural and union organizations should be at the forefront of requirements as co-women," he added during a Citizen Union's event in La Plata.

Stephanie Calo, a young woman in La Campora, said that Romero had locked her in a bathroom during a party, showing her a penny and wanted to force her to perform sex orally.

Nicolás said how three members of several years in the group have turned him in riding and sent him indecent phone messages over the following days, in 2015. In this way, the young man told cousins ​​Alejandro and Alberto Monzón and Nicolás "Chimbu" Abregu, and three members of La Campora Hurlingham.

According to the complainant's evidence, the event took place on July 1, 2015, during one of the years of Cristina Kirchner as the Argentine president. That appointment was very special that hundreds of Kirchner militants went to Government House so that the president then greeted them by one of the balconies.

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