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Mauricio Macri: "Most of us want them to return the last weight they brought" – 02/21/2019


"Every time I anticipated something of what the former president was going to do, I did not succeed. So you see we think differently, heh. So ask another, I'm not the most appropriate to answer. "The President does not want to wear what his opinion will be the Cristina Kirchner electoral strategy. After consulting Clarin, she excuses herself and says she does not know if she will be a candidate, she admits she has lost too much in the past when he tried to reveal that, and he takes the opportunity to indicate that Cambiemos is the only election proposal that would guarantee that Justice will continue to judge its predecessor without pressure from political power.

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The gesture seems to hide intent Mauricio Macri o not wanting to show her cards: Why give the ultimate opponent an advantage? The Presiding Officer does not have a lack of political information: his colleagues who analyze the movements of the former presidents are daily – in their majority – who will be a candidate. Similarly, in the last few days there are officers who raise concern about the alternative scenario: How would the electors respond if they were voting for if there is no candidate at all? They ask themselves. It's happening, with an unexpected economy on the horizon, the great bet by the Government is polarization. The support of the former President after the elections is not a surprise for Macri. And the ceiling that, at least now, seems lower than you.

– What explanation do you find out that she will continue to collect as much support, according to the surveys, after all Cristina's judicial cases?

– Part of Argentina is still not realizing that, if we have not had a similar growth for decades, I do not say with Asian countries, but with the countries of the region, one of the basic reasons is lack of democratic quality, where the basic thing is honest, in terms of providing INDEC information; Crime statistics and education evaluations And that's obviously the pollution. We must end up to understand that pollution is one of the reasons why we have today 30 per cent of poverty in Argentina.

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But the President goes further. And she also has darts prepared for those who took off Cristina once again and now, close to the election again, you'll be sure. Macri was alarmed because, in the last few hours, Kirchner's sectors were expressed by what the Government – "Dialogist Peronism" was able to abolish the DNU and sign the head of State to recover in advance corruption assets. Angry, Macri is trying to discover the Kirchner and interpellate Peronism.

– Do you think that Peronism will be united at the election?

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-Devellation of the DNU zone is a sign, right? At the end of the day, in general, they end with each other. They come to be part of a government. Well, the vast majority of those who (in the Congress) are part of the Kirchner Government. And in this case they were against something fundamental of the change, and we said "enough stopping". Most Argentinians want to be returned to the last weight stolen. Regardless of judicial convictions, we first want them to return the money stolen, because we need to make schools, finish hospitals and construction paths. Do not forget: everything that has not been done in recent years, and that we are now beginning to do it, explains much in what was stolen.

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