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Matias Rossi is not welcome to choose between "Pechito" López a Fernando Alonso – 02/23/2019

The news that Fernando Alonso can run in Argentina, in more detail in the Super TC2000, travel to the world. It was several weeks ago when Toyota announced the intention to bring Spanish to play the racial race of the category.

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Alonso assured himself that he does not see with poor eyes to compete, but that will have to talk to Jose Maria Lopez, in securing – of a representative jocular road. The Cordovan, two years in a row, has been a Matias Rossi guest. If the possibility of counting on the Asturian is made concrete, all guns refer to the fact that it will climb Corolla 17.

However, between the two options, Rossi responded: "Pechito"he says. "That Alonso is set with Santero, or Santero with Alonso. I'll go with Pechito. Let Dario or Herrero decide", and he added and explained the reasons for this response: "We deserve to re-play because of last year we came back with great opportunities to fight the championship and because I think Pechito is better than Alonso. Then put him i Pechito … "

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"We dream … They tell me that Alonso comes and Pechito comes … And they say," Matías, we're going to try on Formula 1. Well, stop … I'm going with Fernando. But in the Super TC2000 give him to Pechito. "In addition, he played to predict a result between the three, in the same car and in the same circuit on board F1. How would they be? "Alonso, López a Rossi," he said. And in Super TC2000? "Rossi, Pechito and Alonso," he said.

He also mentioned in the interview about the extension of the link for two years now with Toyota and the possibility of doing some overseas test: "I'm excited about that. I've wanted to go to Japan for A bit Toyota Argentina wants to make me know there and, if possible, put it on and try a car. Very well, I would like to love it, we work quietly. "


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