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Massa and Pichetto, optimists from Mendoza: "We are already close to 30 points" – 03/10/2019


The Harvest in Mendoza, as well as the harvest festival, is an ideal location for political and economic collections. On Sunday, midday entrepreneur Daniel Vila (Grupo América) and his wife, the television hostel Pamela David, gathered in the Solidarity Harvest to different national figures, like: president of the river Rodolfo D 'Onofrio, actor Moria Cánán, leader of the Renewal Front Sergio Massa and Malena Galmarini; Senator Miguel Ángel Pichetto (Federal Amgen), Deputy Edwina Kirchnerist "Wado" of Pedro, liberal economist José Luis Espert and Macro bank owner Jorge Horacio Brito.

The couple Massa-Pichetto, after a game of billiards where the Buenos Aires won, He agreed to a joint conversation with Clarin about the future of Peronism, the potential candidacy of Roberto Lavagna and who, ultimately, will lead the new sector. "We have combined election choice for polollarization (Macri-Cristina) In the Federal Federal surveys, according to some surveys, we are close to 30 points ", says Pichetto who "secured not only Lavagna but also those who made the effort to start last year". He envisaged that the definition would arrive before registering a candidature for the PASO, but it can still be expected.

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The name of Marcelo Tinelli, who is now facing the most critical figure for Macri's government, appears on the scene within the opposition and is part of this conversation. This space of irritation shows Interested in adding Tinelli with some candidacy, though not for President. Many have already been listed on that list.

Massa said the driver's contribution was "valuable". "I've been talking to Marcelo for many years, I believe it is sensitive to permanent contact with people and their audience. Provides a mixed vision of a citizen and entrepreneur, with an interest in public affairs. For us, he says that building a healthy alternative to the country is very valuable. "

Pichetto described him as "a popular figure, with a very instinctive instinct and with great social sensitivity"Where Tinelli can take it, the senator said:"Marcelo must define his future. It is very interesting for us to say that it would be negative for this government to continue, as well as to go back "in Argentina.

In the armor for the presidential, Massa is not to mention the possibility of accompanying Kirchner, as in several provinces. "The reality of the provinces is another with Kirchnerism. Now, we define the construction of a new majority and solve: what do we do with education, immigration, the economy and the fight against drug trafficking? That's more important than a name discussion, "said the leader of the Front Renovador.

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The number of candidates competing in the PASO for the Federal Alternative will not yet be known. Pichetto wants to wait to see how the country is developing politically and economically. "Primary schools are mechanics to define candidacy, the unfortunate season is June 20 when the candidacy must be presented," said senator Río Negro.

Regarding the possible candidacy versions of Maria Eugenia Vidal to the presidency, Massa concluded that: "Government speculation on alternative candidacy is a symptom of failure". The other topic was the convener of the collection was the death of the economy: at that point, Pichetto described "error" has returned to encourage deductions to regional economies. "I'm coming from Río Negro, where the fruit has been lost due to refusals and repayments on exports, such as medicine, which had been a mistake by Macri, as did Christina Kirchner's government from & fore. "

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I chat the Brito banker joins and to a vision of the economy: "Everyone is worried about the dollar and I believe that we have the result of the imbalance in deficit, high inflation and weak money." He said that many people are looking for an alternative for the elections, as is offered by federal Peronism. He suggested: "Argentina must carry out, like neighboring countries, lower-to-one inflation and currency construction. Cristina Kirchner opened the crack in Argentina and this government (Macri) tried to run this crack And in that way, Argentinians are impossible to agree and make central reforms, such as tax and social security, that the country needs. "

It was cold and foggy in the numbers of San Isidro, in the Mendoza slope, where for 14 years we have lunch and raise money for housing, social support and other needs of the vulnerable sectors. This public and private contribution granted 2019 raise the $ 16,172,500 record. "Solidarity does not give what has left, but what it needs," said Vila, the only speaker.

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