Monday , November 30 2020

Mars's selfie: here is the NASA search in the "most boring place" on the red planet – 12/12/2018

After taking over 100 images – mostly from Martian's floor – NASA InSight researcher Mars's first "selfie" was eliminated. Then you can see the ship in all its size and also where it is. According to the United States space agency, there are eleven wallpapers taken with the camera that is mounted on its robotic arm.

In the image, you can see the panellist with fully used solar panels since it reaches the red planet on November 26. On the roof, in the center, the scientific instruments in which InSight will be use on the ground in the coming months.

The scanner is located in the Elyisium Planitia, the "The most boring place on Mars", according to NASA, that those responsible for the mission have chosen to optimize the quality of the data that it collects.

If it is flat flat and flat to the north of the equestrian, with a large appeal in its landscape; but also the perfect place to study the Martian interior.

The seismograph, which is under the protection of red and hexagonal protection, is visible in the selfishness, It will record the seismic vibrations of Mars. The measurements will allow the reconstruction of the composition and diameter of the inner layers of the planet, from the kernel to the crust.

The thermal sensor, in which InSight will bury five meters deep, will study how Mars gives heat off the inside.

InSight data will provide new clues how Mars was formed 4.5 billion years ago and how it evolves during the first stages of its existence.

The scanner has also provided the first image of the ground from the front, where it must install its two main instruments, seismography and thermal sensor. NASA engineers and scientists will have to decide in the next few weeks where to install the search engine's robotic arm.

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