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María Del Cerro at "ShowMatch" said she had suffered sexual abuse at 11 – 12/13/2018

In "2018 dancing"or"ShowMatch"(El Trece), which ended the Cha Cha Cha round. The couple that closed that rhythm were Maria Del Cerro and Facundo Mazzei.

After choreography and when the jury returned, marking errors committed by María Del Cerro, He kept my attention that she was going to cry. And then, what did anyone expect: Mery did not cry for the scores but for something much more tragic than deciding to tell the air.

María Del Cerro said: "It was a very difficult day for me because of everything that happened with Thelma (Poetry), I can not believe that I'm talking about this on TV, and yesterday we started talking about it with Meme (Bouquet, her husband). I went to practice and sent a message to Meme, I told her that I had to talk to him and I told him, for the first time, that I had sexually abused 11. I talked a lot with him. I did not know anyone, not even my dad and mom. I was a careful girl, but it happened to me and it could happen to all the girls. It's all time for all the women who have transmitted her to say that and never happen to any woman! "

Florencia Peña, crying, gave her support to Mery and emphasized that "Every victim has time to say."

Meme, the husband of Maria Del Cerro, said: "Yes, when this happened, María told me she did not want to say because her parents did not know that and she felt she was hit looks at her life, life for anyone and that has a role on television and it's good to say so that parents think it can happen to children. He is very brave that he has said that. I admire it. "

"You're not guilty of anything, Mery," added Flor Peña and went to her grandmother. Then he got more hugs, including Marcelo Tinelli.

Marcelo Tinelli said: "Everyone who works with Maria says she is very good companion ". He drew attention to the strength of Del Cerro "for encouraging him to say live, with this husband, with a family that accompanies her and who includes her".

"The score occurs as the smallest," he added, "one starts to look back, what happened as she danced, and of course, the queue failed, it was a lot deeper".

"I hope that justice in this case will also be, as we ask for justice yesterday by Thelma (Fardin) and put justice with all the people who have raped "added Tinelli. "Not only of women," said the driver, "but from men, one has heard a number of situations of colleagues who had suffered situations that could not be talked about at the time."

"I want to explain that the mine was not rape but abuse, treatment, of two different people "Del Cerro pointed out, while everyone fits with her crying in the studio.

The broadcast went on with her Many expressions of support for María Del Cerro and all victims of sexual offenses.

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