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Marcelo Tinelli will not make a political sketch, but he's preparing his own show for Showmatch – 02/21/2019


The suspicion remained as an object of study for Argentine political history handbooks. WhatHow much did Francisco de Narváez's mock on Showmatch influence him to beat Néstor Kirchner in 2009? Whatever the conclusion, something was clear: since then, the leaders follow the program with special attention in the electoral years. What will Marcelo Tinelli accept in 2019? With a new format, but to make your own campaign inside. Without the awful reality of "Great Brother-in-law". And with an opening that could include the President himself.

"The decision is not to make the political sketch, not because of a matter of electoral sensitivity, or because of pressure, as it happened in other years, but because of a basic issue of grading. The last time we did, it did not work well, "he explained. Clarin source very close to the driver. He added: "Within the 15 or two couples in the Bailando, there will be no political humor or political representatives." In our staff, Freddy (Villarreal) and Fátima (Florez), who are very motivated, but the idea in principle is not to make politicians"

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Anyway, the incredible program of the program will be a talent competition that has a political reading. From four days a week Showmatch will ventilation, two will be taken to the dance competition and The same amount is another competition: "Geniuses of Argentina". The start has arranged "for April", but without the confirmation day.

"Genios …" will be a competition of unknown talents who have been looking to move forward in the house since last year; it did not go on the air in 2018 due to a matter of time and cost. "There will be singers, dancers, magicians … The idea is to start at Santiago del Estero or Tucuman, at some point, with 5,000 or 10,000 people. And with Marcelo from there", they told this producer, a way of political construction of Tinelli, showing this in the newspaper? Some interpret that yes.

As Clarin said last week, the driver maintains his idea of ​​hitting the jump into politics, but with several questions in the middle. From time to time (it does not disregard this year, but it could be later), where (national or state of Buenos Aires) and political anchor (within the PJ without Kirchner or new armed ones).

Tinelli has been traveling to Buenos Aires and Tu, especially for his Organization. The talent show would give him another excuse to show outside the City, every 15 days or once a month. The remainder of the "Genius de Argentina" broadcasts would be made with the competitors in the study. There are already two positive juries: Valeria Lynch and Patricia Sosa. Discuss to incorporate a larger couple.

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"This format also closes us more so that Dancing is not so much more and that the actors do not have a lot of exercise and dancing four days a week," explained them close to the driver. "And for the competition It also seems to be hitting the competition -supply- Susana returned to Argentina Got Talent, an international format. "

And when the program is opened there will be no politicians? More details about the driver's environment: "Yes, yes, we've opened the program 30 years, we're thinking something special, with politicians who want to get involved – some are regulators Rodríguez Larreta and Sergio Massa , two of the nearest leaders to Tinelli- or with simulators. We would like to do something special, such as José María doing the Unbearable & # 39; i Macri. But we do not know whether the Presiding Officer will accept. "

The relationship between the Cambiemos and Tinelli leader was touched when, by the end of the 2015 campaign, Daniel Scioli had unique screen records in his program. After that episode, Macri and the driver spoke and saw each other several times. There are many. They say they prefer to avoid the topic.

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