Tuesday , May 17 2022

Marcelo Tinelli, about the incidents in the Superfinal: "We gave a lamentable image, it was crazy"


Marcelo Tinelli took advantage of his program this Monday night at it gets out to do one strong analysis about the incidents that happened during the weekend around the Super Cup Cup Libertadores between River and Boca. "Sometimes it seems that they forget the soccer players, who suffered a tremendous aggression," he said.

The conductor, a voice authorized in the soccer world for his career as a leader in San Lorenzo, condemned the violence that Saturday forced to suspend the game: "If you do not have to play the game, Do not play it, it's already. But things have to be done better. Let's think about everything we did so that the bars have so much power. What things were done to benefit those bars that we can not fight today. "

"I wanted to send it essentially a kiss to the Boca establishment, You must also think about the players, who are not victims, are victims. They wanted to play a soccer match with a clinic player. Less badly that he started the common sense, despite the need to play, "he began talking about the current vice president of San Lorenzo.

Tinelli was very critical with the security operation: "They threw stones up to the ambulance when they went to the court. Everyone saw how They broke everything around the stadium. You have to act responsibly and truly. It seems we are all commentators about what happens, but what do we do to change? We give a lamentable image, but more lamentable is that there are no responsible ones. "

"It seems that the only important thing is to win, at the expense of the players, at the expense of being aggrieved. Always doubting, saying they made a gesture or sang up the micro, It's tremendous what happened. It is a sick society many times. It is a shame and not to criticize River or Boca or the Government, but no one takes over. Hopefully we can change it, we need responsible and measures, that something is done, "he demanded.

Regarding what is coming, the driver of Showmatch He sentenced: "Today we already think when it can be played or that there must be a champion. Who thinks of the players of aggression soccer? They are the photos, the videos, it was seen live for everyone, a shame. He takes the desire to go to the court. We need solutions. It seems crazy to me. "

"I do not speak as vice president of San Lorenzo, I speak as a human being. The statement that was taken out said that a stone had fallen, but they were a million. The people robbed outside the stadium, until the entries of those that left the court were taken, "he added.

The closure was to pure sorrow and frustration: "No matter what River points or Boca points care to him. What matters today is that something is done so that he can continue playing football. Something has to change. We can not arrive next. There are players who no longer want to continue playing, they feel vulnerable, pointed out. We are all prisoners of this system".

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