Tuesday , November 24 2020

Maradona's technical body wants to return to Argentina

Achievement Diego Armando Maradona Mexican football revolution of that country's alliance. On the order Golds of Sinaloa, the Ten raised the team of dispute Agent MX and he made him one of the competitors of the competition up to the point of reaching the final of the Liguilla Open Tournament. Despite falling in the last case before Attalico San Luis, the Pelusa, near his technical body, made incredible work in the Culiacn organization. The Luis Islands, Diego field assistant, talked to TyC Sports who ensured they would like to direct in Argentina.

"I'm trying to talk for myself, I promise Diego and he is my friend, he can talk for himself, but I confirm that we are ready to lead Any team in the world, with great respect, I find it very clear, the skills to lead any team in the world, I want to stay in Argentina, I will say openly, if I have to go back to Mexico , I do it because I love it, but it is my intention to wait, "explained the former football player.

In addition, Islas noted that Maradona's personality sometimes did something dirty: "Everything that produces Diego is not produced by anyone, many people want it and some people will try hurt her. " Permanently happens to us, the first opinion that they will do about us will never be good. What are these people coming to? What do they want to do? & # 39; They're criticizing us, but where we go, we will always go to work. "

Later, Luis emphasized that football was everything for him. "I have a great respect for football as a player and coach, my life is my friends, my family and football, my job, I'm living for this and I want to keep it , we're totally trusting in our work, it's starting to give a football idea where the results are in sight, "said exarquero de Independiente de Avellaneda.

Pelusa's assistant field continued his Witnesses dressing in the Fair and making sure they both follow Argentina's football: "Diego likes to instruct, I can assure you that he is happy in a playground." Following me as a Argentine football, like me, and he always sees what's happening with Boca Juniors and the Argentine National Team, we would love to wait and direct AM in person, here is # 39 ; what I'm currently looking for, it's reality, I do not need to be moving the family structure and you're more comfortable ".

Finally, Luis referred to the possibilities of Diego Armando Maradona from being the new technical director of Boca Juniors. "It would be disturbing to talk about Boca, it seems disrespectful to speak to a caretaker, we know Diego's love to Diego, that is clear, but he has Boca coach, Guillermo Barros Schelotto made a great job and some people They say they can be renewed, they are things that can happen in the future that are not too far, but we'll see what's going on. In the event, there will be a push on directing in Argentina, "Islas came to the conclusion.

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