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Maradona won, but was thrown out and crossed with the competitive trainer

November 30, 2018

Dorados from Sinaloa won at home with the least difference against Atlético San Luis in the first final of the Mexican collapse. Maradona left his seal when he was sent off at the end of the game.

In Mexico, Maradona won his first finals as a Dorado trainer for the Mexican Discovery Tournament Tournament. It was 1-0 against Atlético San Luis and the relocation work will take place on Sunday next midnight in Argentina.

The game was very attractive. Before the first ten minutes of the first half, Aur from Sinaloa had two clear chances of goal and seemed to pursue his placement at the Banorte stadium throughout the night in the first leg.

However, with running the initial part San Luis It took confidence and matched the game process. So it was that he had two very clear situations that could open the scoring. In one of them, he fought to save Argentina's keeper Gaspar Service and Paraguayan defense Cristian Javier Báez who made very important negligence.

Another punishment for Maradona?

The second time was similar to the first, both teams had opportunities to break the zero, but this would be achieved by the Big Fish o Maradona coll 15 & # 39; by the end of the game through scissors goal by Edson Rivera it would have the 1-0 difference that would be final.

At the end of the game, Maradona crossed ugly With the competitive trainer, Alfonso Sosa, who left face to face and asked the fourth referee to throw it for speaking. Finally, the one I had to leave before the dressing room was Argentina, while San Luis coach stayed in the field.

The relocation work will be played next Sunday at 23.30 Argentina at Atlético San Luis Stadium and there you will know who will be the Championship of the Apertura Tyrnament 2018, and will have to decide before Clausura 2019 champion of the promotion to the Mexican First Division in the game that will command promoter champions .

In this key, contrary to previous ones, where the advantage of sports has been the best position of the general board, in case of equalities in points and goals after the end of the second game, extra time and if it were defined, the Opening promoter will be backed by pictures of the penalty spot. With what will be defeated for the re-exchange for the Diego team, he will give him the opportunity to go to the supplement, while winning or removing San Luis gives a title to Dorado Maradona.

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