Wednesday , September 28 2022

Maradona could not win a champion in Ascent MX: Dorados lost the final against Atlético San Luis


Diego Armando Maradona could not fulfill his first title as a coach. Aur o Sinaloa He fell as a visitor against Atlético San Luisthat Apertura tournament was awarded from Ascent MX with a global 4-3.

Despite the 1-0 leader found in first leg, and the Culiacán team has lost 4-2 and in this way it could not finalize the achievement of promotion to the Mexican First Division of football.

Maradona, to confirm his arrival in the First Division of Mexico, have to wait at least another six months, because if he won a Clausura tournament, he will play the final against San Luis for a ticket to the top category.

He was an intense duel who lived in Diego, and he had to watch the game from a block to stop (Luis Islas, his assistant, replaced the bench). Aur he managed to take advantage of the first 32's, thanks to Jorge Córdoba Argentina's conquest.

The old Los Andes is defined with the empty bow, after an individual action of the figure of the set, the Ecocational Angular Vinicio. But when the initial step was abolished, in 46, Nicolás Ibáñez scored 1-1 adding to the great definition.

In the supply, Dorados returned to the advantage 2-1 with a goal Edson Rivera at 11 & # 39;, after a great blow by Escoboza who came to the post. However, although everything from a party to sentence the result, the Sinaloa team allowed Atlético San Luis improves and I turned around 3 to 2 with goals Diego Barbosa, against (21 & 39) and Ian González (29 & 39). In this way, with the 3-3 tie game, the Potosi team forced the extension.

With the first additional time is about to complete, Leandro Torres won the 4-2 final allegations and avoids, to dedicate to the MX Ascent Open Tournament.

Nothing will spoil what Maradona did in his three months responsible for Dorados, which happened to be the last positions to divide a seventh in the Liguilla by the destination. Then, I beat the best teams in the regular period and one step away from reaching the first goal.

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