Monday , January 17 2022

Maradona, am Scaloni: "You can go to the World Championship, but for a motorcycle …"


Diego Maradona, coach of Dorado de Sinaloa, is the current Argentine national team with Lionel Scaloni as an example to Mexico, who has closed the hire of Gerardo Martino.

"I played with Tata Martino in Newell and a great person, now they're talking about it in Mexico and we have the boy Lionel Scaloni, who is not blameless for being there, but the problem is that he creates himself technically and wants to Go to the World Cup, you can go, but for the Motorcycle Cup, not football, "he said.

Maradona said he was angry because he relied on Scaloni, who does not know if he has a coach title.

"It's not easy to lead Mexico, Martino will be tough, but in Argentina we're so sorry that we do not learn how to float with César Luis Menotti, Ricardo Gareca, Gustavo Alfaro, Marcelo Gallardo, Guillermo Barros Schelotto, and Scaloni, we are Argentinians live the world up, "he said.

Regarding the game that his 2-0 team won to Juarez last night, in the first semester of Ascent's league semifinals, Maradona thanked him that he could be closer to the title and recalled that he spent a lot of hardship before arriving in Mexico.

"Soccer pays, later or later, if my colleague, Alejandro Mancuso, did not make a mistake when creating my signature, I would be a national Argentine team coach, I have no doubt, but I believe in friendship, we have a lot of hardship, now in Sinaloa, is to live again as a technician, "he said.

After the World Cup in South Africa, Mancuso had falsified Maradona's signature for a Chinese videogame company, so he left Argentina's national team and went to Al Wasl and then Al Fujairah before arriving at Dorados last September.

He took the Argentine star to Dorados in the 14th place and managed to return from a bad position until he joined the group. Now he has won the first episode of the semifinals.

"We know each other well, Juarez and Dorados, we forced them to attack us in the second half and they did not have any way to do, on Saturday we will play them according to the shortcomings we see. " With Luis Islas, I analyzed the flaws and merits of our competitor, "he said.

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