Friday , February 26 2021

Madness in Tolosa: he killed the 10-year-old stepson, relieved his wife and joined himself

An area of ​​Tolosa is detained this morning badly by a man who was being hunted after slaughter with knives and bullet in the head of a 10-year-old prisoner, and injured with his wife's fire boyfriend In the middle that would have been a sound family discussion. Meanwhile, the child's biological father conflicts in 521 and 140 because after receiving threats over the phone it became desperate to try to disclose the distress that happened last in Toulouse (see)

The incident happened immediately after 7 in the morning in a house of 116 between 529 and 530. As he was able to find DAY from sources that were related to the terrible cause, the child had been injured in the chest with a knife and then bullet in the head Although the woman had received a bullet in her face and in a severe condition.

After an assault of food, the man has locked himself in the bathroom with the firearm, so the Hawk Group is negotiating to give it up.

He took part in the personal operation of the Sixth Police Station and the Patrol Order, and the case is covered against the accused for "killing and injuries."

As is known, the Patrol Order personnel went to the house mentioned for a report on an injured firefighter. Once in operation the soldiers observed a female bloody presence, which had bleeding in the ear.

He also found the youngest of 10 years with a knife embedded in the chest and with a headache. According to the woman, the injuries were caused by a man inside the house and carrying a firearm.

As a result of the incidents, an ambulance was asked immediately, who transferred the seriously injured woman. While the man managed to lock himself inside a bathroom and threaten the soldiers, so we asked for mediation of the Falcon Group.

The cause sources also revealed that the couple had dragged months of conflicts and that the woman had said it was violent.

Also, always based on eligible sources that this newspaper could have access to, last night they were talking and the woman would have told them not to get closer and did not want to see it again This morning, the result of the case was fatal.

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