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Macri is supporting a project to compensate for soldiers killed by Montoneros


November 20, 2018 | Comments | 25 times reading

President Mauricio Macri decided to return the bill introduced by a deputy formoseño to compensate for the soldiers killed during the assault of the Montoneros guerrilla group and the army barracks located in that province on 5 October 1975, in a full constitutional government of María Estela Martínez de Perón

If this project is turned into law, the relatives of the ten soldiers will receive compensation equal to what was already paid by the heirs of the twelve murderers who died during a fight that lasted thirty years, at the final point of a spectacular assault, baptized by the guerrillas themselves as "Operation Primicia".

Macri's support news was communicated by the Secretary of Human Rights, Claudio Avruj, to Jovina Luna, executive sister Hermindo Luna, a soldier killed in Formosa, said the official on Friday on his Twitter account.
"Just as I committed myself to Formula, I had Jovina Luna. I was pleased to speak and let us know that we will support the repayment law penalty of the lost conscripts in the golf," said Avruj .

The 21-year-old creole, Hermindo Luna, born in the Formosa countryside, was killed in two by FAL. Before, he said a term that ended: "No-one gives her the best." His posture informed colleagues who could flee and shelter in bathrooms and showers.

"Avruj told me, at the request of the Chief Staff, Marcos Peña, and Minister of Justice, Germán Garavano, with the support of the President, that they will support the bill," said Jovina Luna, who went to meet with her husband and her son Agustin.
The project, presented by the radical deputy of Formosa, Mario Arce, includes a second 21-year-old, first sergeant and provincial police officer, who was also killed in the attempt to take over the 29th Death Regiment, 43 years

It also includes a pension for the 75 soldiers on duty on Sunday.

"The intention is to repair obvious injustice as the troops of Formosa carry out their country and the law when they were attacked. At that time, the military service was mandatory," the deputy remembered.

Arce added that the project is currently being analyzed in the Deputies Defense commission, led by deputy Kirchner Nilda Garré, which tells us that "we can handle it at the premises" in March or April . "
The intention is that relatives and dead soldiers receive the same money that inherited the guerrillas who attacked the barracks in full democracy, but, despite that, are considered are "Victims of Terrorism".

For that qualification, the equivalent rose to the highest salary of the national public administration.

In short, the guerrillas who had died attacked the barracks were compensated, through their families, unlike what happened with those who defended them.

Five years ago, during the final government of Cristina Kirchner, another radical deputy of Formosa, Ricardo Buryaille, a similar film, was about to be approved but, at the last minute, La Cámpora and Rights Institutions Human.

Today, in a tweet, Jovina Luna Avruj thanked for "traveling to Forma, accepting us and supporting the restoration work", although he emphasizes "I will not rest until the killing Montoneros of Hermindo and # 39; To a companion being considered Victims is not a matter of money. Nobody surrenders here! "
In a telephone interview, Jovina Luna explained to me that "my effort was true of the truth and I left a place note and I asked the State to give the best to honor the gerrillas who murdered my brother and companion. How can these guerrillas appear in the Monuments to Victims of Terrorism, at Costanera of the Federal Capital? ".

"They were terrorist offenders, they belonged to an illegally declared organization by the Peruvian government of Isabel Perón, they hijacked a plane, they went to a regiment with bullets; they killed many people … They were not victims but victims, "he added.

In June, Jovina Luna visited the Monument to Victims of Terrorism, where he presented the same document to his director, Nora Hochbaum.
The assault in Forma was the first of Montoneros to the poets' band, whose leader is already General Jorge Videla.

Approximately 70 combatants took part directly in five stages, some of them at the same time.

It was designed and directed by Raúl Yaguer, "senior officer", known as "El Gringo", "Roque" or "Mario", arranged Santa Fe engineer and suitcase that was the four Montoneros national dome number. The first three in the hierarchy, Mario Firmenich, Roberto Perdía and Roberto Quieto, who approved the copar.

One of the political consequences of Operation Primicia was that Videla and the head of the Navy, Admiral Emilio Massera, were placed on March 24, 1976 as the date of the competition they organized for three months.

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