Wednesday , September 28 2022

Macri and she prays in the Colon: "He broke me to see the pride of the" Chronic "artists


Mauricio Macri explained that she cries in the Theater Columbus, had completed the gala function for the G20 leaders, he was owed "the pride of the artists" and described how shock the heads of the state had with the show.

"In the theater what happened to us was that we were very proud of what we were doing and he broke out to see the pride of the artists, who began to shout Argentina! Argentina! ", Macri admitted.

"I had already been beaten because I saw how shocking Angela (Merkel) was before me, (Japan's First Minister), Shinzo Abe on the other side, and I saw everyone's face because you saw in the theater, there's enough o light ", the president added.

At a press conference in Costa Salguero, Macri insisted on that "everyone was so stunning of what was being shown" They could not help but move them to tears. "Not only the great images of places but the cultural diversity was", he noted.

And closed: "Our scope and that's what we all did, like with the Youth Games, where we're astonished at the world, we also did these days".

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