Tuesday , May 17 2022

Luis Miguel, was furious with a former announcement on Instagram


Aracely Arámbula, a former wife Luis Miguel, with her child, was released on Instagram a few days ago by an image of Marcela Basteri, the mother of the famous singer in her altar Day of Death. She thinks that the artist's mum has died.

The phrase was compatible with the post, which was randomly fast "Blessings to heaven"And was there a picture of Luisito Rey, father of Luis Miguel, who was unintentional?

Anyway, the singer did not like anything. He was very angry with him before. For some, it's he tried for delays because the artist does not transfer it equivalent food quota and does not visit children.

The mystery about Luismi's mother was one of the most important subjects of the famous series. The mystery is an invitation to see a second season. But this data, which brings Arámbula, We'll end the story.

According to Television Notes magazine, Luis Miguel shouted at Aracely "ridiculous and stupid" by telephone The Mexican media announced that she would go to get a good response from her followers with this post … but he received many negative comments"

For his part, a friend to the singer, said the same media: "She wants but Welcomes her fame. In confirming Marcela's death, ruin the second season of the series. "

"Aracely does not overwhelm it's no longer on her side and He's done as a dial; For this reason, he transfers photos in a swimsuit and in a suggestive position, he wants to show him what was lost. "Arámbula would have asked the producer 10 million pesos so that his name would come out in the series, but as they were rejected, before the King's Sunday "burned" began the second season.

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