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Local ADRs closed per month differently: Galicia & the best; You have the worst


In a positive land they had located ADRs Group with a monthly improvement of 20.4%, followed by Loma Negra (+ 18.1%), Edenor (+ 13.4%), and Mercado Libre (+ 8.5%).

Although, The largest falls accrued in November were Tenaris with -16.8% and Ternium (-8.9%), where his performances were affected by prosecuting his president Paolo Rocca in the framework of what is called the notebook case.

In the meantime, Wall Street's main indexes were trading with progress. The markets were released after comments from the US trade representative, Robert Lighthizer, who said You'd be surprised if Saturday lunches between Trump and Xi are not a success. "

The conflicting headlines of the commercial dispute shake the markets before the G-20 day of two days in Argentina.


The Merval index does not operate this Friday because of the holidays established by the national government for the Buenos Aires City area for holding the G20 Presidents Summit.

The leading panel accrued an improvement of 6.75% in November, closing the final round of the month with an increase of 1.1% and waiting at 31,482.59 points.

Best and monthly performances were matching roles Galicia Group (+ 22.4%), Edenor (+ 18.9%), French Bank (+ 13.6%) to Supervielle (12.7%).

In the opposite, the casualties were led by Tenaris (-11.2%), Cablevisión (-8%) to Petrobras Brazil (-7.3%).

According to a report prepared by Porfolio Personal Inversiones, in November, the Merval product left earnings of pesos of 7.4% and of 1.9% in dollars.

In terms of the fixed income segment, the bond index prepared by the Argentine Capital Markets Institute collected an improvement of 1.97% over the month, essentially driven by good performance and couples related to the evolution CMC, which indicated an increase of up to 32.63% in November.

On Wall Street, the shares of the Argentine companies were predominantly up to date, in a day where the 8% increase in Pampa Energía stood out, and then Transportadora Gas del Sur (+ 4.67%) to Grupo Supervielle (+ 3.95%).

Regarding the local level, when almost a month after the end of 2018, the Merval index of the Buenos Aires stock market builds an improvement of 4.71% throughout the year.

In the eleven months of the same month, the site is led by Tenaris, with an improvement of 61.05%, and then Transportadora Gas del Sur (+ 46.03%), Aluar (+ 41.98% ) to YPF (+ 34.48%).

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