Thursday , January 21 2021

Lizy began to argue at The Fair Price and "fainted"

The Superlunes who lived in the Channel 9 Screen, who got the first time Lizy Tagliani as accommodation in the fair price program.

The humorist, as well as introducing $ 100,000 pesos, led the screen with very good audience levels and being a tendency in Social Networks.

Lizy contributed to the program of entertainment and games, broadcast Monday to Friday at 11.30am on Channel 9 Televida screen, The a lot of energy and, above all, humor.

But one of us Highlights & programs were when he told the public I was very nervous and "fainted".

Everyone on the floor and viewers, immediately, exploded laughter and enjoyed Lizy's fun.

But the biggest surprise happened when He received the Marley call, and congratulated her for the first time of a new program. "You're doing very well," said Minuto driver won.

"Mirko looks at you on the screen and laughs", he added. Also, Marley shared in the tender image networks of her son with a fake bill in the mouth.

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