Sunday , August 14 2022

Lissa de Bandana told us who his father's father is: The word co-living tells me


Six months she has hidden her pregnancy Lissa Vera, one of the members of the group Bandana He did "work issues" says when chatting with Luis Pineyro in the circle "Online"

In the video interview section, the journalist consulted Lissa if her daughter's father was the same as Catalina who was born first. "No, no, no, there's another, a new love that I started a little while ago, but the word cohabits with me", he held.


"He's staying at home, he's always present but then he's left, for now we're getting slow", He noted and confirmed that the girls in the band were the first to find out about their pregnancy.

"I want to continue working, I have a lot of work and I can not afford to give it up", adds to the possibility of preventing the pop band for the baby's birth.

She is well known she is a girl but the artist said she will not say the name now because she has not decided. "I thought I was a baby and Bruno had already chosen but now I do not want to say it until it's born", closed


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