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Letter from Conmebol president for hours of meeting with Afon and Boca: posted a job different from Angelici

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Alejandro Domínguez

, president of the


, has placed his position for the hours of the meeting in Asunción between the River and Boca, to define the actions that followed during the

Libertadores Cup

. After the delays due to the assault on the micro xneneize, and the different versions, Domínguez hopes to reach an agreement to establish a new date and "football will be defined on court". Different site to

Daniel Angelici

, as well as the leaders of Boca asks to define the final in the desks and get the title through legal channels.

Letter Alejandro Domínguez

On Saturday, November 24 will be remembered in the history of the world football for all the wrong reasons. It was to be final of CONMEBOL Libertadores for the memory, the last format in a round trip. Ultimately it ended up being a day that should fill us all with sadness and shame; something that must reveal a deep reflection and serious self-criticism in every estate, not only of football, but from society.

Despite the previous fair play agreement signed by the presidents of both final clubs and all warnings given by CONMEBOL for those responsible for security, the stadium and the area Around was an unreasonable violence and seemed impractical towards the players, the public, children and families who came peacefully, the authorities, the neighbors. Vandalism incidents were painful. The barbarity that has been taking over our football puts many lives at risk.

As president of CONMEBOL, I will make my best efforts to ensure the accuracy of everyone: from the players to the public who were patiently waiting for the painful circumstances outside the show and the responsibility of CONMEBOL to & # 39; w resolved. I call the authorities and the two clubs, we were waiting for the medical reports, we reviewed the organizational protocols and, finally, agree with the two presidents, I have made the decisions in the best interests all those involved.

On behalf of CONMEBOL, I also have a duty to be accountable to those responsible for guaranteeing the security of the event and public order. Obviously, the protocols failed and authorities did not measure up to the circumstances. Now, what is the rest is to act immediately to identify, capture and apply the rigor of justice to those who have caused so much damage.

I also call on the leaders of the Plate and Boca Juniors, to understand that the responsibility they have in their hands goes beyond protecting their colors and the interests of their partners. First of all, they have a responsibility towards South America football, often valued and criticized in our countries, but appreciate the rest of the world.

The same is true of the media, which I ask respect, equanimity and perspective in the comment to inform the public correctly, to connect the facts, to fight incorrect information and to unlock & # 39 Interested visions and inaccurate findings.

In CONMEBOL I preside, football is not won with stones or assaults. I won by the players on the court. And more in South America with the quality of our players. In CONMEBOL I preside, we play respect for the competitor, having the fair play as a vision in the field, at the stalls, in the leadership.

Finally, I call for every actor in the South American football world to set a priority and join efforts to identify, understand and tackle the causes and acts of our tarnish violence that we hate. There is much more at stake than a sports title. Either all the players in the South American football team come together to give up the violence, or the violence will be responsible for finishing South America football.

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