Wednesday , June 29 2022

Leonardo Ponzio showed his face after the defeat of the World Cup in the Club: "Do not miss it"


After Al Ain was astonished at the Club Cup final, Leonardo Ponzio, the captain of the river Your team should not "blame you" after falling for penalties in a game that gave everyone to cattle.

The midfielder accepted that the Millionaire had a "great guy" of winning the competition after "after winning a very difficult Libertadores Cup", with a final against Boca including.

But he acknowledged that "in recent years, competitors from other continents show that they are up to the task"in the great competitions, product" the speed and ability in the one against one ".

"In future, we have been better in several minutes of the game, but at other times we were still bad and we came to us. They extended to us for them to recover and leave a player who hung in an attack. We knew it could happen, "said Ponzio." That's us, we do not have to blame ourselves, it's turned, we have another game after, "he added.

On his behalf, the Romance said Rafael Santos Borré, the author of both river goals, was "unfortunate" that they did not get the result.

"This is not the result we wanted, we had great sadness because we were not given, attacking very good things, always the River we are offering and we're going for everything, but we were not given . It's a shame because this group deserves many things"says Santos Borré.

The attacker, who lost the re-campaign in the Libertadores final for restraint, playing the entire game and expanded and was the most destabilizing in the Argentine team.

"With the ball that ended and kick back they were complicated, we have to be more attractive to that and in both goals they did not notice," closed.

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