Thursday , July 7 2022

Laurita Fernández will reach the final of "Bailando 2018" by a private plane


Attendance Laurita Fernández at the end 2018 dancing It was a "state issue" on television due to the refusal of the producer Gustavo Yankelevich I'd be authorized to be in the last week ShowMatch at the request of the premiere in Mar del Plata Sugar, the music she's starred.

Finally, there was agreement between the employer and Marcelo Tinelli. And so Laurita will be present this Friday at the beginning of music, but he will also take up his jury chair ShowMatch for the final today. Although it is nowadays Mardel, With the general exercises of the show with her as the main composer.

Some talk about a "bill bill" between Yankelevich and Tinelli, though they are lifelong friends. When Laurita won Ace as an revelation Sugar, the driver did not authorize her to receive the award because of that night she had to be on the jury.

Yankelevich took him to be disturbed and after receiving the award for him, he said publicly that he had not authorized production ShowMatch. In a later note he said they "did not respect old" for not trying the actor, referring to their own career as a television and theatrical producer.

Then, when Yankelevich did not authorize Laurita to be the final of the reality of dance because of the first play, it was considered that the attitude returned courtesy by the producer to the leader. Finally, everything was unlocked: Yankelevich entered the main performance tomorrow to allow my constituent to be in the final Dancingtoday

But after this trip, how will Laurita reach Buenos Aires? As it deserves a figure of its size: you have a private plane so that you do not have problems of timetables, delays, paperwork and other events of a flight by line flight. The idea is to make the most of the time it has practiced all day in Mar del Plata before the premiere and then travel, comfortably, to be part of Dancing on your most important night.

Laurita was removed all year round with his two posts. Which one do you prefer? Heres yr Susana Giménez, first taquillero musical figure of high-respected theater? Or media that's going to fight with the participants, at the same time loyal to the space that gave him popularity and to see it born? That may be the whole, and also the driver in the face that allowed her to make her own radio show Fro and youth circle Fighting, which was tear this weekend on The Nine screen. She gave her her 2018 aspects that she was not a dream of it, and everything says that much more on.

How to lose something at all? Perhaps in the future, Laura must decide which of her profile she wants to promote, but in the meantime she covers everything she does , without telling any tempting proposals: a few days ago, it became the face of an advertisement for a hair removal company, taking no more in that place and not less than Nicole Neumann.

Under your representative's baton Mauritius Catarain and the Chekka BsAs agency, Fernandez accepts all the work. She also grows the high romantic profile when she becomes a bride with one of the most interesting warriors in Argentina, Nicolás Cabré, in the middle of public fights with Vigna Flowers and well-known celebrity of the actor who strikes her in the networks.

However, he looks at Teflon, and only creates work and more work. She is talented and no-one can resist. There is as much as possible to have two heavy middle pressures – Tinelli and Yankelevich – to reach an agreement and get him a private air charter to go without even having a string.

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