Sunday , October 2 2022

Laurita Fernández showed her small moon with Cabré


The couple took a couple of days to be with each other, away from the cameras. But Laurita Fernández lets spy some moments of passionate days with her love.

Months ago, Laurita Fernández Nicolás Cabré held their romance. From that time, the cameras were looking for the pictures with each other, very few times they were seen in public, but the dancer had loaded its first picture with a # 39; i love to Instagram, who exploded the network.

Now, Laurita Fernández He ran with the followers of the romantic weekend who lived. He spent a few days at a famous hotel next to the hotel. Standing on a balcony, enjoys a spa and gives a hot super, and so portrays moments and young girls. "It's too hot," she said.

Of course, there was a picture that took all the comments and I liked it. The postcard reflects how passionate and hidden they are. You can see legs Laurita Fernández and Nicolás Cabré had to intervene, in a deck chair.

After the crossing with Flor Vigna, Laurita Fernández and Cabré took a romantic break

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