Tuesday , October 4 2022

Laurita Fernández has a "spy" that tells her what Nicolás Cabré and Flor Vigna do in the recordings


Laurita Fernández says she "believes" her boyfriend, Nicolás Cabré, when he tells you what's so tired Vigna Flowers, which denies everything. We talked about the scandal that put them face to face last Friday ShowMatch, after the damn picture relationship.

Known as: Vigna is split into the networks, a picture of My Brother's fiction is a clone, where he appeared in a bed with a strip friend. Laurita, his girlfriend, called her to take the picture, and they say she was insulting that she was much more than what was said.

At the time of public criticism, the jury of 2018 dancing He ensured that Vigna was going to Cabré's car, that he would take her to the house, and to go into a dressing room. The actor denies everything and shelters "in the cast" so Laurita asks for explanations, but says that, with what the actor tells her, she is getting over and over.

What does Nico Cabré say to her? They only know it, but the truth is that the actor is far from the rest of his fellow members on the strip, which makes it blank, they're recording, they are stuck with Watch and give another version.

But within that cast, it would be "bald." A day-to-day Laurita Fernandez spy who monitors Flor Vigna Do not get too close to your love. Many would not say now. Double champion of the Dancing and the actor is not spoken in the recordings of My brother is a clone, they do not practice the scenes with each other and have a direct record, with the minimum link. They do not have the situation between them.

Will Laurita will recognize that he has a spyware that is transmitting the data from Pol-ka ?, Na. But the truth is that the inner plot of jealousy, gifts, gains and getting into this parallel soap opera in the lives of its composers did not end.

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