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Laura Esquivel, following a complaint from Thelma Fardín to Juan Darthés for violence: "It could have happened to me"

"I would never have doubted that someone like him would have done this kind of thing. When Calu's first accusation was passed, I can not imagine that. & # 39; This can not be possible. Here is something, he says, as it happened to many companions. But without knowing, I can not comment. "

Laura Esquivel He was completely moved when he saw the video where his ex-partner was Wild Thelma Fardín He called for violence Juan Darthés during a tour of Nicaragua in May 2009.

The children's and the youth strip ex-chamberlain talked about the surprise caused by the good relationship he had with the actor at the time. "In the trips we spent the bomb. What's most boring for me is when I see the pictures: there, I'll drop everything down … Because we were a party: we were doing what we would most like. We were a very united group. I was very much with my mom, and perhaps I did not share as many pupils as they shared things between them, "he explained.

"I did not go anywhere without my mom, we slept in the same room. One day, one of the crew felt bad and my mother was leaving me with the other at the hotel, so I think it might have happened to me. For any person he has nothing to do with the physical, or you're more, "lamented the actress.

Your private conversation with Thelma Fardín

Esquivel also revealed how he had a personal conversation with a few months ago with Thelma when his partner told him what had happened nine years ago. "I did not know anything about what happened, literally, what was seen in the video and conference, I had spoken to her Thelmi at the beginning of the year, when I was hacked my Instagram account and had some links to help get back. He told me: And I want to say something to you, I want her to be between us, but I have also suffered harassment by Juan. I can not believe it"he explained.

"He did not give me any details, either, we wanted to get together to have coffee and have a conversation but it did not happen, he knows I'm all banking. I lost myself because he asked me not to say"continued.

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Last week they spoke again and said to him that he would make the complaint publicly. "He told me about an uncomfortable situation of harassment. I knew something had happened, but I did not tell the situation and I did not ask him. I did not want to talk about those things over the phone. That is why we are trying to get together for coffee. That day, we were treated on television watching what was happening, "he added for the press conference called Actrices Argentinas on Tuesday at the Multitheater.

Image Juan Darthés

The first sensation of Laura Esquivel, after learning the facts, was to review the days during the recordings and journeys that they shared: "At that moment I can not believe it, not It seemed to me true because it did not seem like this type I would never have imagined that he would have done something like this because he did not show it. He was very fond of everyone. He was the father of the family; On the trips he was our father. He was our figure, we had fun; but he did not give the best to be serious, a very professional person in what he did. Her way of being perfect: he showed you that he had been age, his, but also a person who can contact you and make a joke. I never suggested (this could happen). "

For his part, he assured she is not yet ready to face Darthés: "I'm on the side of Thelmi, I know, I know how she is, not looking for a camera or anything in the media, I'm alone and I think everything she said ".

The actor also explained that this is the last trip, so when they reached the full cast Ezeiza, they said a great deal. "And I did not see much more yet for years," he said.

Esquivel referred to his sensory when he heard the public saying of Calu Rivero, who ensured that the actor had been harassed during the recordings of Sweet sweetheart in 2012: "It seems to me that I can not believe it, that's not what I did not believe, because I was talking about something, but I knew Juan and it was not".

"I was not able to understand it, as it happened to Gastón (Soffritti), to Eva (from Dominici), I did not support it, but it seemed impossible," he added.
"The program brought us so many medicines and helped so many children … We had such a great time, everything was so nice that happened on the trips. And to feel that this happens behind a person who did not imagine it, it hurts in my soul. It also hurts the girls we are and how vulnerable we were"he was worried.

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