Thursday , January 21 2021

Launch in September with a unique Epic Shop?

A mysterious tweet that has been deleted, but captured by users, points to that address.

Will your Epic and Gearbox quarrel? Everything refers to it.Will your Epic and Gearbox quarrel? Everything refers to it.

After the expected announcement of Borderlands 3 the team of Gear Box He assured them that they would not hesitate to give the release date for the game, but the announcement appears to have unveiled through Twitter incorrectly. When? Y September 13. That's the date that we are talking about tweeting published by Borderlands 3 official account and few have been slow to be removed from the social network.

This is not the only information about this highly anticipated action show, as a new short clip of Borderlands 3 shows that the video game of the Brothers in Arms series will be premiered at Stores Epic, not to mention other PC digital platforms. like Steam or GOG.

This would probably be new exclusive for Fortnite creators store, which has recently managed to launch excellent video videos such as Metro: Exodus or Ubisoft video violins, taking the first step of Anno's 1800 strategy into a controversial and controversial example.

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