Sunday , June 26 2022

La Chipi suggested "tongo" between Flor Peña and Jimena Barón, the actor went to the crossroads: explosive release and anti-accused!


Tonight, Baron will play a place in the final of a dancing competition Showmatch in front Mery del Cerroed. Hours before this happens, La Chipi, BAR member, denotes that during the last duel (the Tango where the 4 semifinalists were defined), Flor Peña was dedicated to protest Jimena Baron who betrayed a "arranged arrangement between them".

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After learning, through, from La Chipi's sayings, Jimena Barón came to the crossroads via Twitter: "Stop up, I want to stop lying. And if you're going to talk about me, at least when you cross me, do not do the one that is not. I've seen that I have the biggest dog that is a hot water tank, it's physically impossible ", not appealing to her normal sense of humor.

The truth is that the accusation of La Chipi is serious … will there be relief tonight on the track, exacerbating the nerves for a definitive cause of Dancing further?

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