Sunday , August 14 2022

La Chipi revealed that she had had a terrible time with Mauro Caiazza


La Chipi spoke in the Angel Angels about the attitudes of her dancer, Mauro Caiazza, with whom she shared a clue. I can't believe it, I am very angry! "Lourdes Sánchez is devolved.

La Chipi shared a track with Mauro Caiazza in Dancing 2017. The dance partner's relationship did not stop on good terms and the choreographer revealed details of her poor experience with the love of Jimena Barón.

"I cried because he treated me badly. When things were not done as he wanted, he had to draw attention … And (trust) in the couple was important because you spend me wrong in a trick and I cut it all", Started Chipi Anchipi, in Los Angeles de la Mañana.

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"But who are you, Mauro Caiazza ?! I can't believe it, I am very angry!" Lourdes Sánchez is devolved when he heard the words of the Chipi.

"A point came where he didn't know why he got angry. I'm professional and it came time when he didn't like something of the choreography… That was the big problem between the two, I told him that we were a dance partner, there was no celebrity ", following Dady Brieva's wife.

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"We worked together on Stravaganza and I took him to the Dancing. He was progressive, but there was something prompt when the bride (Noelia Rizzo) started a game with jealousy. I didn't like it, t I always made it clear that we were going to the Bailando, but I had no trouble. He liked the direct fame, "the Chipi came to an end."


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