Tuesday , January 19 2021

Kingdom Hearts 3: Square Enix explains the absence of Final Fantasy characters

Yasue Housing, co-director Kingdom Hearts 3, explained in an interview with Game Informer the reason that led to Square Enix to reduce the difficulty of the title, objectively inferior to what we were familiar with in the rest of the numbered chapters even in the highest levels, and The reason why there are no Final Fantasy characters in the game.

"Obviously, we recognize and respect everything they say about it," he said, aware of the complaints some players have expressed about not having characters in the saga. in other installments. "But we had lots of original characters. This was the end of the Xenahort saga and we wanted to focus on Kingdom Hearts' main story, with characters like Sora and Roxas, for example. They all had stories in other games and now we wanted them. finished, "he added.

Recently Tetsuya Nomura was responsible for explaining why they did not include characters such as Star Wars or Marvel although they belonged to the Disney group.

Expand the target audience

In terms of the difficulty, according to the manager, easier This new version of the saga was rather deliberate, but it became a response to those new players who had never faced Kingdom Hearts. He made the wide distance in time between the second and the third part to make that decision accessibility should be present in the game; They thought this would be the first experience with Sora and a company for many players.

"We wanted to expand our audience, that's the main reason; but we had lots of responses from the fans claiming they had more difficulty, so we gave them the critical mode (main method). Somehow I expected people I think the game was too easy, but we were trying to get to the grip of that audience. My kids, for example, have never played Kingdom Hearts, "he explained.

For those of you who think about starting in Kingdom Hearts saga, it's worth noting that t Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far It is now available worldwide for PS4 with all the games released so far except Kingdom Hearts 3. In the article we explain what has to be included and in what order we recommend it to play t .

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