Monday , January 25 2021

Justin Bieber launched his own clothing collection and the supporters responded

This week Justin Bieber He was eager to try his luck in fashion by launching his first garment collection under the Drew House brand. However, the schemes have been worth a lot of criticism from some supporters who have taken social networks to express their views on the pieces designed by the Canadian star. Some of the words used to describe it are horrible and scared.

However, it seems that many people like it because the clothes have run out, as can be seen on the website. What will show fans' loyalty Justin in part, they have turned to buy the new unisex clothing, with colorful colors and very easy to combine.

As we mentioned earlier, the comments on social networks did not wait and many have ventured to say that this is the last ever. Because they continue to be faithful to me translator What you mean is going to be quite objective in terms of design.

Now, honors the truth: not the original t-shirts, pants or muscles stand out. In the case of the color palette, there is not much variation and prices are not as accessible as Bieber has insured days ago. The pieces range from $ 38 to $ 138.

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