Monday , August 15 2022

Judge Claudio Bonadio wants Britain to help recover millions of dollars by the heads of Daniel Muñoz


The international warnings to discover and recover the money moved by Daniel Muñoz, former secretary of Néstor Kirchner, are already calling. The federal judge Claudio Bonadio he asked the chancellor Jorge Faurie that, through diplomatic channels, request a warrant by the judicial authorities of the Turks and Chaicos of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. And he asserted that "seize with the intention of seizure of property and bank accounts in the long run" would be carried out by Carolina Pochetti, Muñoz's widow, and foremost and other alleged companies who could operate in those Atlantic lands, 900 kilometers from Miami

"These measures are urgent because the assets would be part of the profits of crimes committed in the Republic of Argentina by the highest government authorities between 2003 and 2015", Bonadio said in the letter he agreed Infobae, with a view to that information becoming urgent to Britain.

So Bonadio has been operating the search for money that, according to his account in his role will be Carlos Gellert, Carolina Pochetti and Elisabeth Ortiz Municoy, in the British Isles. Why? Because when Panama's Panama scandal ended, Muñoz, who was already dying of cancer, gave a widow and legal advisers to sell the 16 apartments they bought in New York and Miami for 70 million. dollars. What caught up of the money, after the poor sales and huge commissions, stayed to invest in a hotel project of those paradisiace islands.

The initiative was being built. One of the transfers would have been made on February 7, 2017 of the Regalia 23 LLC account of the Bank region for the amount of USD 2,500 million possibly to British British Bank, detailing the documentation that goes to Great Britain.

The investment was made with two companies named Marble Hill and Wood Haven, created by Pochetti and Gellert, who gave technical details how the money and composition of the companies were handled. Both of these companies are the name of a Mexican friend of Gellert who lives in Monterrey.

As well as enforcing "emergency precautionary measures" on goods "which would be products of illegal activities that took place in the Republic of Argentina," Bonadio explained to those diplomatic authorities he's investigating illegal society "ordered by Néstor Kirchner and Cristina Elizabeth Fernández who sought the position of the president of the Argentinian Republic between 2003 and 2015. "He detailed" that the money given secondly to the heads of the Executive or their private secretaries in Uruguay to 1300, was a presidential presidential Olivos and at the government house and part of the # 39 ; that money has been distributed or paid for other officers. "

Between appointments to the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, the judge detailed the system of illegal collection found by annotating the driver Oscar Centeno and said: "Those who benefit from this collection system, which are on the way not only the information that Néstor Carlos Kirchner, Cristina Elizabeth Fernández and Julio Miguel de Vido are in other cases."

"A part of the money that comes from the illicit to prepare the whole for the illegal society and received by Daniel Muñoz in a market circulation to appear illegally originated", he added and detailed the evidence in the prosecution that was signed on February 8 and indicated the money laundering movement for prosecution Pochetti, Victor Manzanares (former accountant of the Kirchners), Isidro Bounine (secretary of Cristina) and former Secretary of the Treasury Secretary Santa Cruz Juan Manuel Campillo , among others.

Bonadio made an explanation to the British judicial authorities: Muñoz "It's turned out to be Key equipment at Nestor Kirchner's collection and transfer circuit and Cristina Elisabet Fernández especially in relation to the collection of illegal funds (it was possible to identify more than 60 money transfers received in person by Muñoz), his referral to headteachers and organizers includes the transfer of money in luggage and aircraft official ".

"It should be mentioned that he would have decided with the future of the investigation what part of the assets would have to transfer to the Turkish and Caicos Islands invested in a hotel venture and which was being built, "he added.

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