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Judge Alejo Ramos Padilla refused the request for the inability of the prosecutor Carlos Stornelli – 04/01/2019

The federal judge Dolores, Alejo Ramos Padilla, refused on Monday the case in which a network of alleged espionage is arrested, tried and put into custody. False lawyer Marcelo D 'Alessio, and the prosecutor Carlos Stornelli is part of it.

The prosecutor, who argues that the magistrate is ineligible to intervene in the case because of the facts "if they have happened, they are the responsibility of the Federal Capital” t, asked under that presumption that the investigation was unsuccessful several times.

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In that line, he did not appear in any of the frequent calls to the judge for questioning, which earned him to be declared a "rebellion".

His solicitor, Roberto Ribas, explained last week when he appealed against that decision, that the case for alleged rituals included Stornelli 'not competence "of Dolores magistrate.

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The judge, who is breaking the logic, continues to insist on demanding that he does not apply to him, if you review the facts. 39 's attributed, they all happen in the Federal Capital, "the lawyer said in a dialogue with the press.

Ramos Padilla says, however, that they have taken place in Pinamar's spa town, which is under their jurisdiction.

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