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Juan Román Riquelme, no filter: "This Boca-Afon will be expensive expensive in history" – 03/12/2018


Every time he's talking he sounds. And this Monday night was not an exception. Juan Román Riquelme He complained about eliminating the final end of the Libertadores Copa to Madrid and secured that "This Boca-Afon will be expensive expensive in history".

Riquelme, in a dialogue with Radio Miter, was grieving the events that happened outside the Monumental stadium, but he was also worried that the leaders of Boca, River and Conmebol would not be able to organize the game in Argentina.

"The superclassic, at some point, must be played again in Argentina, what will we do to play the next Boca-Afon? Do we have to play in another country? As long as I want Boca to win it, I believe that the final must be played in our country. We did us from us. She will be very expensive in history, "she complained about one of the biggest idols in Boca's history.

And I'll deepen: "It's curious, and it's all for everyone. We have little things like roast, spouse and dulce de leche. And the superclassic we've just movedIt's not nice. "

He also questioned confusing the defects in the security work that allowed the offensive attack on the bus and Boca moved to the Monumental that caused injuries in several players, including the captain. Pablo Pérez and youth Gonzalo Lamardo, who ended in a clinic. Other footballers, as well as shock, had suffered the effect of the tear gas used by the police to solve the assailants.

"It was very weird and very ugly what happenedor I want kids to get used to these things happening here. I was excited that Boca was a champion on the river court, and he respected if we had to win, "he said.

And it did not stop there: "What happened is not normal … after a few days we were all afraid of something happening with the G20, and it seems that everything is perfect. & # 39; I was very sad because it was our party, to finish the year in the best way. "

On the other hand, he argued just because one of them has to go to the Club Cup"They put Argentina at the top, but it's sad that it's played in another country. The final is no longer the same, it's likely to be The Champions League final is being played here and is likely to be defeated for Argentine football. Unfortunately football team can not reach a stadium, as they take it to Europe has lost everything. The final is only played because you have to go to the Club Cup, "said Riquelme.

Despite all his questions, the players were replaced with the 10 and said he would feel "jealous" for the opportunity to play the Copa Libertadores final against the classical competitor and in a legendary stadium such as Santiago Bernabéu, a home of Real Madrid.

"It will happen because they play in a new stadium, there is a different country, with players who will certainly play for the first time in Europe, there are players who will achieve the dream of playing at the Madrid stadium felt more comfortable taking advantage, "he said.

In that sense, he described: "Every team has 25 players or 20 fortunate, one of the guys think one day will play Superclassic, I hope to play Libertadores, hoping he can play at the Real Madrid court. " These players are lucky. One of the little ones dreamed about this, putting a bit of jealousy, finalizing Libertadores against the River in Real Madrid, I hope it's a good game and Boca can win. "

He also gave his football analysis a Appreciate Boca fire fire, which allows him to play as equally as an Afon as "he has a good team".

"The Superclassics are even more up-to-date, although the local team has the advantage at all times, they are now going to play in another country, Afon is a good team and Boca, though which is not colorful, has many goals. Boca does not need to play well to score a goal. It happened in the Bombonera and yesterday (for the Sunday) in Avellaneda. If we're lucky enough to find a quick goal, you can keep the game. From nowhere, it's got a goal, "said the old middle field, who
He claimed he had a portfolio that launched as a candidate for the president of La Ribera club.

And in support of his application, he drew a comparison with the first time played in the Bombonera: "These are things to do a lot of things. The Superclassic is different to everything. Over there it ends up winning the one that does not play very nice. The other day, finished 2-2 with two errors of both teams in the four goals. (Carlos) Izquierdoz is wrong in the aims of the Afon and (Franco) Armani in both of Boca. This is rare in Superclassic ".

Finally, after slipping, he gave more to a ball than his lovers, he referred to his mother, Maria, who decided after the 2006 World Cup in Germany called for the National Team, who was then directed by Alfia Basil.

"María is fine, happy she has her son closer and happier because she sees her grandchildren grow up. It makes me very happy that my mother is happy, "Riquelme, more romantic, stopped. than ever.

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