Friday , August 19 2022

Juan Guaidó's Bets on live music, humanitarian aid and international support to defeat Nicolás Maduro


O Cúcuta. Simón Bolívar bridge connects Cúcuta (Colombia) with San Antonio (Venezuela). On the outskirts of the old bridge, before passing the Colombian customs, hundreds of unusual bowling hats offer green bananas, cell phone savers, mineral water in sachet, changarin and mints services, among other road bikes. Yesterday afternoon, the noise was proportionate, regular and glue, while Four solo militants of Juan Guaidó showed their rejection of the popular system and called on the Venezuela Aid Live statement and the impetus that will cross the Simón Bolívar Bridge to carry a ton of food, medicines and hygiene items to Venezuela. The solitude of the soldiers suggests that the Fenisin crisis was just a comment on the news, which was news burially and quickly by the results of the Champions League.

Error: the bridge concealed a secret ceremony, a war crew that joins the unknown crowd, which removes a smile away, which suggests emotional relief before so much grief for exile and peripheral.

– –Mature! A voice voice is mixed amongst the people who walk tied across the bridge. "Mature!", insist as a lithan.

And the answer does not wait. He's full of hatred and anger. It is quite auntist, almost neutral:

– –Your mother's shells Your mother's shell – they respond funny.

The dialog between the crowd lasts for a second. There are lions, teens laughter.

And everything starts as it ends: with the Venezuelans dreaming of the rest of the regime and returning to a house that is not in their homes, in a country whose country is not. Just a few hours to a real home, in the country that is still running Maduro.

Richard Branson is a British millionaire who knew how to sell the best long plays at her Virgin's recording stores. Branson called for a Venezuelan declaration, and in a few days, more than thirty artists gathered with their own weight in Latin America and the world. Born so Venezuela Aid Live, who has set up his stage in the Colombian end of the Tienditas bridge and will be played by Alejandro Sanz, Diego Torres, Juanes, José Luis "El Puma" Rodríguez, Juan Luis Guerra, Maluma, Maná to Luis Fonsi, among other artists who want to open boundaries so that humanitarian aid arrives in Venezuela.

The multimillionaire Branson, the musicians who will be participating in Venezuela Aid Live and the interim president Juan Guaidó will calculate There are 350,000 people coming to the Tienditas bridge to take part in the concert and millions of people will join the event through social networks, radios and television channels broadcasting worldwide.

Maduro can not do anything against music. Conversely, the speeches and musicians, the chosen themes and slogans that they sing throughout the statement will erode their common morale and mood. Maduro is still managing for a settlement of relief, but from now on it will be difficult to face public opinion after combining by image and songs from 35 artists with global celebrities. This may be chameleon's time, if Guaidó plays her hand well and the US respects her decisions as an interim president.

On January 23, Guaidó announced he was an interim president of Venezuela. And he promised that months later, thousands of tons of food, medicine and hygiene arrived in Venezuela. Donald Trump supported the idea that Jair Bolsonaro (Brazil), Mauricio Macri (Argentina), Ivan Duque (Colombia) and Sebastián Pinera (Chile) joined and responded to their relevant economic situations. Chile came 17 tons of food to Colombia, while Argentina's white helmets started a collection campaign that will expire in the coming weeks. Every country can, but all the states in the region will add their cooperation to finish the social crisis in Venezuela.

Guaidó keeps his way and humanitarian aid can come from Brazil, the Curacao Island and Colombia. But Maduro is dredging and will not open the country's borders. On the other hand, the popular leader closed the actions with Brazil and Curacao, and he still does not think of what to do about Colombia. His decision remains unchanged and there are still no major cracks in general leadership that covers arms and business in Venezuela. Maduro does not want humanitarian aid to enter a Venezuelan territory. And this situation, which he will ultimately defend, will not fear Guaidó and his political cabinet. The interim president signed a decree ordering all boundaries to be opened and that humanitarian aid is allowed and legal action will not be taken against members of the Armed Forces that rise against the popular regime .

In Cúcuta there are two key bridges. The one of Tienditas, I have not yet used, a Simon Bolivar, which is the mandatory stage for the thousands of Venezuelans that cross from Cúcuta to San Antonio (Venezuela). On February 23, a crowd will move on those two bridges, defending the humanitarian aid that has already been stored in a warehouse in the care of Colombian security forces.

Guaidó will remain on the other side of the bridge – one does not know which one for security reasons – and will not take a step back. He dreamed that the border will be opened, that humanitarian aid will come in and that some NGOs led by Caritas are responsible for distributing humanitarian aid. Guaidó will not respect the decision of Maduro and will arrange in advance against the military pockets who are already instructed in writing: stopping the help from going to Venezuelan territory.

In the next few hours, Maduro and Guaidó will determine Venezuela's fate. There is no room for both, they represent different political projects, in an unstable and anarchic world. It can be a tragedy or start Venezuelan spring.

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