Monday , June 27 2022

Juan Darthés went to Brazil against allegations of sexual abuse


During the first hour of Thursday 20, the old composer of and stribed Simona A plane from LATAM was taken at the Rosario airport to Brazil. He was not ignored, and he was made up while waiting to go to San Pablo city.

"Juan Darthés left the country who left Rosario on his way to Brazil this morning, he traveled with children and another person, his wife was not in the airport", posted on Twitter from the account Good Morning America, the news that drives Antonio Laje.

In the middle of this debate over the serious allegations against him, the actor decided to fight in Brazil, his native land. So, he will try to move away from Buenos Aires for a spontaneous period until he defines what he will do in the near future.

At the airport in Rosario, the translator took a picture with a follower who had turned on social networks. In the image, he smiled next to a woman.

"It did not happen, it had never existed," said Darthés for Thelma's accusation in an interview that he gave to Mauro Viale at his home in Nordelta. "She's tired at the door of my room, I took it out of my room." You're crazy! What's OK with you? I'm a big man, "I said. My children were the same age as her. Can I do something like this?", he added, in some laws that stimulated a great reimbursement.

He also maintained that he was the "inspired" actor, trying to kiss him in the room, despite his being a girlfriend, Juan Guilera, the circumstances in which the actor said more than once during the discussion with the journalist.

"I'm dead, angry, with incredible criar", says the actor, who said he had come to "very dark thoughts" after a Poetry conference, who filed the complaint in terms of Nicaragua. "I've done, I'll die", he said, speaking "civic" and in his artistic career. "All I want is for people to know my checklist: I have never raped or harassed anyone," it ended.

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