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Juan Darthés and silence broke after the rape complaint: "If this is the case, I'm the first to kill myself"

Darthés: "I did not rape her" (Video: A24)

"It did not happen, it had never existed"He told Thelma's accusation. And he said: "She pulled her at my door, I took out of my room. & You're crazy! What do you have with a place? I'm a big man&, I said. My children were as old as her. God! How can I do something like this? "He also said that She was actors – when she was only 16 years old when the event happened – who was "motivated", trying to kiss her in the room, although she's dating love, Juan Guilera, the circumstances in which the actor said more than once.

But why does the actor declare? "I do not know, she'll know, I do not know what happened to Thelma," he said, "I can assure you that she is at the port of my room to change my card because I did not works. "

Darthés: "She wanted to pause me" (Video: A24)

"We went back on the plane," he said, "I was not alone, the big ones were: Rhondda Cynon Taf parents Brenda (TheAsnicar), what Laurita Esquivel, The producers, the people that look after them. Did not anyone see that? The next day, we went back on the plane and I think that Thelma is sitting at my head. If something like this happened, would we usually laugh at the next day? Are we all so ill? Much more we should not speak"

"I'm dead, amazingly, with an incredible row"The actor said that he had "very dark thoughts" after a Poetry conference. "He has done, I've died"he said," civic "and what he refers to his artistic career." I want people to know my contact: I have never raped or harassed anyone. "And minutes later, he added:" If this is true, I'm the first to kill myself, I'm the first to condemn myself. "

Darthés and a presentation in the Justice (Video: A24)

After ensuring that it will be available to Nicaragua Justice, where the commissioner filed the complaint ("I have never deleted, I'm here," he said), he said he did not know the reasons that led to Ana Rosenfeld to present his resignation. "I do not agree with what he did (Rosenfeld), but I understand it and I told her that he was fine, I can not force people to believe me."

Darthés also announced that he had "evidence" that could exclude it, although everything happened nine years ago. And he asked for reasoning: "If this was a lie, what Thelma says, what would happen, because they're going to take me anywhere," he said, and talked about "100 women (jointly by the Argentine Actrices) say and endorse things that are not the case."

The actor before Simona, the fiction that led in the middle of the scandal over the allegation of Calu Rivero, he noticed his wife for 25 years, María Leone, and two teenage children. "I want to look after them, everything is fine with them, they're incredible."

Darthés: "I'm Dead" (Video: A24)

One hour before this report (he explained that he had not spoken before on a medical recommendation, because of the "confusion of the media" that triggered the breakdown report), Darthés highlighted his first message on his Twitter account. "I've been hurt seriously and incredibly. There is no more pain"wrote the former composer of the fiction Wild, on her journey the sexual abuse to Poetry took place. In addition, he used that tweet to publish the interview with Viale. "(I did) tell my truth, which is totally different from what has been heard, but this is the truth," said Darthés.

This morning the actor was waiting for him in court for an audience Calu Rivero, in the case that his ex-partner started in Sweetheart the "compensation". He challenged that, according to his logic, he had "spread his name and honor" when she was accused of abuse when recording some sexy television scenes that were Telefe. However, Darthés did not come to his appointment with justice.

Did Calu. And when he left the audience, where the parties did not agree (the test will continue with his / her course), the actress emphasized "today is the day the woman finally won". And he repeated what he sounded loudly on Tuesday at the Multiteatro, at Thelma Fardín conference, convened by the Argentine Co-operatives: "It's not, look at what we do".

Here, complete interview Mauro Viale to Juan Darthés:

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